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  • Easiest Swing - The Past, The Present And The Future
  • What's Wrong With These Swings? 
  • Sean's 3-Day Workshop At Son Antem Golf Resort In Mallorca

Easiest Swing - The Past, The Present And The Future
Looking Back To How Far The Easiest Swing Has Come And Where We Are Going With The ESClub

The Past
By Philip Sparks
I reckon that anyone who has come to Easiest Swing, whether that be because they have read Brian’s book, watched the original Easiest Swing video, have had coaching with an ES coach or subscribes to the newsletter or YouTube channel, probably has a somewhat similar story to tell. Most likely it would be to do with the way that conventional teaching and the common law of Golf Technique has found it didn’t work for them, and that somehow they knew in their hearts that there must be a better and simpler way to play this game. Surely, you must have thought, there has to be an Easier way?

All of you who knew Brian or followed him through Easiest Swing will be aware that his ethos was not to tell anyone to do anything! He believed that when anyone is told to do anything, this assumes that the teller is right (not always) and presumes that the person being told, understands what, why and how to do what they are being told. Instinctively, we know this is also too big a presumption! 

Brian’s very different way was to present students with a variety of solutions to a problem and would guide them to find the best solution for themselves. This is such a different style of coaching and one that Teachers all over the world, in whatever specialism, would be wise to consider. Brian knew that if he could carefully guide you through this process, you would eventually come to a conclusion that would suit your body, your own mind, and your game way better. So, regardless of whatever you had been told to do previously, you would find a better, and of course Easier way to do it. You wouldn’t need to be constantly told how to do this and need many lessons to achieve it, you would more or less discover for yourself, this new, better way, and would become your own coach. 

So many times I met people who had only had two or three lessons with Brian and yet their game was transformed in a way that stayed permanently with them. Brian developed a coaching programme for all his coaches which is undoubtedly one of the best training programmes in the world. All our coaches have to go through this minimum six-month training programme and pass all the modules, to prove they truly understand each element of Brian’s concepts. What Brian hated more than anything was that statement golf teachers all over the globe make time and time again, which is; ……..“same time again next week”?

Where am I leading with this conversation, I hear you ask? Well, in Brian’s style, ……I would like to ask you a question!

“Do you think it would be possible to have an online Golf Club”?

Let us consider for a moment what would be feasible and what would not.

Of course, we couldn’t have a golf course online. However, there are many other elements of a Golf Club which all of our community could join into. I want to share with you those elements and am excited that Brian’s vision of an online community, where stories could be shared, a place to share and even challenge beliefs, learnings and even develop friendships and meet each other for a game of golf in reality, is finally coming to fruition after many years of development. 

I am excited to tell you more about it below, and to let you know that we are crash testing the site right now, and will have doors open for business within a few weeks. As subscribers to the newsletter, we will be offering you a heavily discounted option to join us in this platform, where your knowledge and understanding of Easiest Swing can be developed at your own pace. We hope that all your myriad questions can be answered within the site, but most importantly you will also be able to ask our coaches about anything else that you need to know.

Brian’s vision was to develop the friendliest, most welcoming, most positive site possible, based on a vision of the most beautiful, elegant Golf Club where everyone is hungry for knowledge. A place where negativity and niggling doesn’t exist, a place that is a real peaceful refuge for our members. Somewhere to go whether your game is going well or not, but most importantly a place where you will feel safe, happy and fulfilled. We will bring you information about the swing, about how to play certain shots and even things to help your psychology, your frame of mind, and even things to consider such as meditation, breathing and flexibility. If I have captured your interest and want to know more, please read on and our Head Coach, Seán, will walk you through where we are at and where we are heading.

The Present
An overview of where we have got to right now from Seán Herron, ES Head Coach
“Often I look back to my 8 years of the Easiest Swing, 8 years of hard work, hard labour, sweat, blood, tears, even questioning my self-worth as a Golf coach. I was a range rat, I spent thousands and thousands of hours on the driving range, I would often go home with my head down wondering why I was coaching people, when I many times I felt I didn’t even know the swing myself! Thankfully, those days are in the past and now, with a much clearer understanding of the Easiest Swing, I am very excited about the prospect of helping you simplify your golf swing and save you from the time and frustration I had to endure. 

So, this message is to welcome you to the possibilities of the Easiest Swing club. This is just the start, gentlemen, ladies and juniors. Brian was an absolute genius, an artist. If you watched the Jim Sweeney video in our last newsletter, he said a painting is made up of many layers and that the Mona Lisa took hundreds of layers of fine brush strokes to create the final masterpiece, and there are so many layers to the Easiest Swing. Just like an artist’s stroke, lots and lots of simple layers. If you have ever had a guide taking you around an art gallery, what I find so interesting about these guides, these experiences, is the simplicity in breaking the painting down. How this masterpiece came about. It’s always a simple story, not complicated. Don’t you find that? It is the same as Easiest Swing in my experience of being with Brian, hanging around with him and watching him coach. Layers and layers and layers and, for me, Brian was the masterpiece of Coaching. Only now am I beginning, after 8 years, to get on my knees and bow to the genius, the artist, in this human being that sadly left his body. To bow to the intelligence of this man that left his body just a few months ago.

So, the Easiest Swing Club was Brian’s vision. The last time I saw him was at an Easiest Swing meeting in December, when we could all feel that he was leaving a legacy. Sometimes, that might feel arrogant to some, but I have to tell you that the more I learn about the Easiest Swing, the humbler I become to the genius of this man. And how humble a man he was himself.

I want to, along with his brother Philip, Dean and Malcolm, the rest of these Easiest Swing coaches, you Ambassadors and Subscribers, I want us all to honour Brian and to honour the artist. How lucky we have been, how thankful we are, to read Brian’s book and to watch his YouTube video. To give us another dimension away from the brainwashing that we have become accustomed to for too many years. So, the Easiest swing club is a platform that will bring a lot of fun and will just remind us all of the beauty of this game of golf. To remind us why we're playing it. For the love of golf, for the love of life. Here's to the ES Club and to Brian sparks.”

The Future
The ESClub - An Online Community Platform for Easiest Swing golfers Around the World

What is the ESClub? 
Even long before COVID, Brian had been playing with the idea of creating an exclusive club. Following his lockdown experiment, this only emphasised the need for human connection and the undoubted benefits of belonging to communities.

The Easiest Club Survey back in April 2021, provided further insights which led Brian feeling from the responses, that the Easiest Swing Club should be...

“THE place to go for anyone who hasn’t found golf teaching satisfying or fruitful – a comfortable, informative, centre of simplified learning, challenging your beliefs whilst trusting your capabilities”.

And can be summarised as: a supportive, interactive, learning community, all sharing a passion for the Easiest Swing.

As you know, Brian took great pleasure in thinking outside the box, driven mainly by staying faithful to his philosophy, even with outside criticism and pressure to conform. His drive to change the world was of upmost importance to him and the very reason we are compelled to continue his work.

Before we dive in, let’s explore the name, the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed Easiest Swing Club when initialled is ESC and for those who are computer users, you may recognise ESC as the abbreviation for the ESCAPE key! Brian loved this word play and supported the Easiest Swing philosophy of ESCAPING complex, over technical golf teaching or how he like to think of it as ESCAPING COCAINE COACHING, short lived week on week lessons that left little or no lasting impact.

Easiest Swing Club (ESC) – just seemed to stick!

As you can imagine, the Easiest Swing Club, will not be any ordinary golf club! So, indulge us just for a moment as we set the scene of what’s to come…

Using the golf club analogy, let’s explore and give ourselves a guided tour around a typical club. Apart from the obvious – the golf course, many clubs also have a bar/lounge for members, a pro shop with club fitting facility and access to coaches. Some may also include a health studio.

The challenge we face, is how we bring the benefits of these features alive online, without turning it into a gimmicky video game. Recent advancements in technology have brought us ever closer together and ESC’s ambition is to be truly global; to increase access to the ES philosophy, unite and support seniors to better embrace and integrate the Easiest Swing into their game.

United by the love of easier, more enjoyable golf, ESC will provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for like-minded senior golfers. A place to belong, feel safe and more importantly understood.

Brian’s BarFocus On What’s Important!
Brian made it clear that the only way you can play golf without hitting bad shots is to not play at all! Here, we want to help you to learn how to cope with this inevitable element of playing Golf. When you hit a bad shot, instead of beating yourself up, getting frustrated and start to over analyse what went wrong – pause, take a breath and remember, in Brian’s words, “it is still a nice day”!

Take out your mobile phone and take a picture or post a video of your surroundings, maybe step back from your shot and, camera in hand, see some bird circling up above or notice a beautiful flower or just take in the stunning vista, And with the help of your camera you remind yourself “it is still a nice day”! Your antidote to bad shots will be to put them in their place, pause, record your surroundings and post it in Brian’s Bar to stimulate conversation.

Brian loved to tell stories and he believed it should not be underestimated just how much we can learn from each other, both from our mistakes and our successes. So, in true Brian style, here will also be a meeting place for our stories related to golf. In this room we will host a monthly feature on Golfer of the Month and so we will be encouraging you to send us your stories. Maybe you are creative and write songs or poems, have you written anything around this funny game and little white ball that you would be happy to share or even play for us?

Practice CentreShare Your Personal ES Journey
Come together and share your progress and development of your Easiest Swing game related practice. Talk about the aspects of Easiest Swing you are integrating into your game and the improvements you have made. 

This is a great place to share your Easiest Swing journey and discover the ways in which other members have transitioned their game away from the traditional teaching methods and towards the coaching philosophy of Easiest Swing.

We also see this place for discussion on current topics associated. For example, the fact that Tiger has started to move his head towards the target on the downswing and we would ask people to send in evidence that the Easiest Swing philosophy is alive and well and not just for older golfers.

We also want to bring a little added fun to this room and we want to introduce you to the la-danse-du-golf (LDG) challenge. Why not indulge yourself and give it a whirl…..

Over the last couple of years, you may have seen the funny videos and charity challenges on the internet. Well, Brian had a mischievous side to him and he loved the idea of golfers all around the world filming themselves practicing their LDG in the most peculiar places and then posting on the platform.

How about practicing LDG with the garden rake as you tend to your tomatoes, or dare you try it in the supermarket with your umbrella, or maybe you are at a famous landmark like the Niagara Falls, or Big Ben, or on top of the Eiffel Tower, and you film yourself doing La Danse du golf.

The idea, would be to get as many different and colourful variations of backdrops just for fun… oh and to start the ball rolling we already have a video of a Bride and Groom practising LDG ON THEIR WEDDING DAY! You can watch the video here.

Easiest Swing ZoneInteractive Learning
The ESClub will be, among other things, the equivalent of a learning and integration programme and we believe learning must be logical, simple and make common sense to you, the golfer. Designed for golfers who want to learn more about the Easiest Swing, we aim to deliver the necessary information, knowledge and processes with the sole objective of helping them to fully embrace the philosophy.

Aside from Easiest Swing educational videos, there will be workshops and webinars with our coaches, focusing on particular topics. This 'learning zone' will be a great opportunity for our members to ask questions. Ideally, by using our coaches, as well as other ES members from around the world and interacting with each other, you will be able to share your successes and discoveries thus helping to shape the future ESC member experience.

We have yet to decide on whether or not to include a Health Studio in the Easiest Swing Zone or making it a stand alone room in itself. In the Health Studio, among other things like nutrition and fitness, we will provide breathing webinars, yoga classes and meditation. The intention here will be to help you get more in touch with your body and your breath and become increasingly aware of how different parts of the body feel during the motion of the swing.

Not only that, but the exercises and material we will provide in the Health Studio will help you connect with your body and therefore discover new underlying layers of tension. There will be classes and exercises to help you learn to relax and ultimately guide you in finding out what is stopping you from achieving the 6 basics.

Positive Impact Golf - Reading Room
One of Brian’s wishes was that his book continues to be read by more golfers around the world. The idea for this feature is that we dive deeper into Brian’s text and become more familiar with the concepts giving us greater insights to try and share. Not only that this will also be a library full of recommended reading that will be in line with the Easiest Swing philosophy. Here, members and coaches alike will be able to write reviews on each book and comment on what they like and don’t like.

Along with books, there will be a video catalogue of the many videos made from Brian as well as the other coaches on the Easiest Swing. Brian’s mantra of Play it – Live it – Share it, was always intended to move it forward and share ES with as many senior golfers as possible. 

Imagine being able to confidently gift these insights to your peers, challenge their beliefs around the 3 (now 4) Deadly Don’ts and show them how easily they can swing a golf club and hit a ball. Maybe you will be able to help them declutter their mind with simple advice that will ultimately result in being able to play 9 or 18 holes with a smile on their face! Of course, we would like our members and coaches alike to share inspiring tales like these - whether they have to do with what is happening with your game, that of your playing partners or, more generally, what is happening at your local golf club. 

No club would be without a Pro Shop and, not surprisingly, we do things a little different here too... not limited by shelf space, ordering quantities and quotas or even budgets, our world is our marketplace and we'll bring you the very best products that we actually use ourselves, and may not even be golf related!

But first up, will be club fitting, led by our newest Easiest Swing member and our UK representative, Aaron. It may come as no surprise that Aaron used to work alongside Brian many years ago, so not only is he an accomplished coach, he is also a club fitting genius and will be able to offer advice on buying specifically designed clubs.

He will also be picking up on projects where Brian left off, exploring the development of a one length set of clubs as well continuing the work with a leading brand to develop senior specific sets, something as you can imagine we are incredibly excited about.

My Home Course
Unlike most golf clubs, we don’t actually have a course, we have something much more valuable – all of the courses you have ever played, become the ESC courses. My Home Course will be made up of your very own experiences of playing a diverse range of courses all around the world and we invite you to share the ones we should play… and of course the stories that go along with it. 

Through our stories and pictures, we’ll all get to experience stunning scenery and panoramic vistas, beautifully manicured greens, ancient woodland, lakes and even oceans. Inviting us all to venture out and experience them for ourselves someday, maybe even together! Why not invite other members to join you at your Home Course?

I hope you can see that our intention is to provide a home for senior golfers. A place to interact with each other, share successes and discoveries and help shape the future of Easiest Swing. The foundations of the site are now in place and are now undergoing testing before being shared with you. We expect to announce the launch date for the ESC in the coming weeks, don’t worry you’ll be the first to know when that is. 

What's Wrong With These Swings? 
An Interesting Experiment One Of Our Coaches Did With Golf Club Members

I would like to introduce you to our new Easiest Swing recruit and the UK representative of the Easiest Swing, Aaron. Aaron is based at Canterbury GC and has been a PGA pro for 25 years. He has been familiar with the Easiest Swing philosophy for many years having done his PGA training with Philip and later working under Brian at Manston GC. 

In true Easiest Swing fashion (and one might say - ESClub fashion) Aaron recorded the following videos for the members at his golf club. In this first one, he demonstrates swinging naturally and freely, with his Easiest Swing, following the momentum of the swinging club, with qualities he always explained to his members that ALL good golfers have.

  • Relaxation
  • Rhythm
  • Co-ordination
  • Balance
Click on each of the images to download the swings...

Can you guess what the feedback from his members were?......

  • Your head moves too much
  • Your left arm isn’t staying straight enough
  • You haven’t got a stable lower half
  • Your feet move too much

So the following week Aaron sent out another video of him demonstrating their advice and asked them to respond with how they feel their advice had improved his swing? He didn’t receive many responses!

Aaron sent out another communication asking the members what they thought? He then received lots of responses now questioning their own beliefs, but not understanding how they can swing a club and still hit a ball with all that movement and not keeping their eyes on the ball.

So, next he sent the video of him hitting a ball, again with…

  • Relaxation
  • Rhythm
  • Co-ordination
  • Balance

Aaron also drew their attention to and encouraged them to watch in slow-motion, or even pause his head position at impact and to again respond with their thoughts. This caused quite a stir… some even cried "sorcery" and "witchcraft"! “How can you hit a ball without looking at it?”

So, finally, Aaron sent another communication questioning why they felt they must keep their eye on the ball and included the video of him hitting the ball blindfolded! He also expressed this motion has also worked pretty well for Annika Sorenstam (the most successful female golfer of all time), Henrik Stenson and David Duval, to name but a few.

This now created quite a talking point around the Golf Club and lead to many members coming into his Pro Shop and embarking on some very interesting conversations. Conversations that turned into coaching sessions and coaching sessions that instantly provided sustained improvements and long term client relations.

Seán's 3-Day Workshop At Son Antem Golf Resort In Mallorca
Book Your Spot For 9-11 Sept, 2022

Would you like to enjoy your swing more than ever before?
Would you like to hit the ball further with less physical effort?
Would you like to extend your golfing life?

Spend a day with Seán Herron and achieve all these and more. With only 6 participants you will enjoy quality time with the co-founder of Easiest Swing. You will also enjoy the synergy and exchange with the other golfers and come away with a new outlook on your game.

The day starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm and the cost is €695pp, including unlimited range balls, 9-hole green fee, coffee & lunch. 

Accommodation is available on site and you can book it here at The Marriott Hotel  
Alternatively, if you would like to know about other accomodation options or if you need any more information, please contact Seán at
Please click here for more details about what to expect on the workshop

If you have any questions about any of the June newsletter content please email Philip at philip@easiergolf.org
With our very best wishes to you all,
"it's still a nice day!"

Seán, Philip and the team at the Easiest Swing

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