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  • The Full Interview Between Brian and Oyvind
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ESClub - Moving Away From Elitism
The Importance Of An ESClub For Easiest Swing Followers

In the January newsletter I wrote about the importance of moving forward with an ESClub for our subscribers and I would like to expand here on how ESC wants to stand against those in the game who strive to make the game ever more complex with their form of teaching which is only aimed towards elite players and strives to make ordinary golfers attempt positions and angles in their swings which are either at best, difficult, or at worst, even impossible for most of us to achieve …..in particular, the senior golfer. In Brian’s obituary, Philip wrote the line that “Brian did not merely want to make a living from coaching – he wanted to change the way the game is coached”. Upon reading this line many times over, Philip realised that, without Brian here to be the champion of this ambition, he needed to once again renew his membership of the PGA. He had resigned in 2018 somewhat in desperation with the then direction of travel of the Association. Philip feels that if Brian’s ambition is ever to be realised, he will need to influence the coaching establishment from within the PGA and put Brian’s learnings to the current training coaches. This may take many years to achieve but Philip has already been accepted back into the ranks of the PGA and has made steps to meet with the Head of Coaching at the Belfry for a discussion about moving things forward in that respect. We will keep you posted on how things progress with this and maybe, just maybe, Brian’s vision of a new style of coaching where the student is at the centre of the process rather than the coaches themselves, and the coach helps the student to find the answers to releasing their full potential by removing the interference that is getting in their way, could possibly come to fruition.

Philip recently had a breakfast with Sam Smith the PGA secretary for the South Region of England (himself a 1 handicap player) who wanted to know more about Brian’s theories and Philip said that Brian had an undying belief that the student in front of him had within him or her, a far more relaxed and simple way to swing the Club, if he could merely help them to discover this. Most coaches seem to have an attitude that the person in front of them is hopeless and they must impose a better way onto them, thereby making their movement ever more unnatural. At its core, this is the major difference between traditional teaching and Easiest Swing Coaches, we all believe that by removing any misconceptions that you may have, we can help the superb golfer within you shine and come out to play!

I want to stress that the primary purpose of the Easiest Swing Club is to help promote the philosophy on a consistent basis. In other words, it is important for you to know that we will always be there for you and that you can find some reassurance in that. It is no surprise that when many golfers who embrace the Easiest Swing might, at some point, begin to struggle with their game. They then venture out looking for solutions in other directions only to come back to the Easiest Swing philosophy. It is not that we want to prevent this from happening but rather support you to commit to the ES philosophy and save you from the temptation or the distraction of looking for answers elsewhere when things go wrong. Ultimately, all the answers are here, within the foundation of the 6 Basics and the 3 Deadly Don’ts and the presence of an ESClub will help to solidify your commitment. Ultimately, a commitment to movement.

 What I would like to write about here is, rather than have a rant at the establishment and its negative influence on the golf industry as a whole, I want to discuss the influence it has had on YOUR golf swing, albeit subconsciously. I want to delve into this in more detail, having been deeply inspired by Brian’s interview with Oyvind and the whole conversation about movement.

Evolution is motion. Everything in life is in constant movement, in fact the only constant is change, movement. Having been a keen meditator for the last 20 years I can attest to the fact that, even when I have experienced deep stillness within, there is still constant movement and change happening, whether it is to do with the simple flow of the breath or with thoughts and feelings. So, it makes total sense when reading the Brian / Oyvind interview (part of which I included in the January newsletter) that movement seems to be such an important factor in everything. As Oyvind testifies, backed up by the latest science, golf is no different and the importance of movement cannot be underestimated.

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The Full Interview Between Brian and Oyvind
Read The Full Transcript Of The Conversation

Here is the full OH/BS transcript of the conversation:

BS: “Oyvind, you emailed me after having looked at my original YouTube-video “Easiest swing in golf”. What made you decide to email me?”

OH: “I can answer that in one single word; energy. It was astonishing to see how you were able to transfer energy into the ball with seemingly no effort. The reason I came across your video was because I searched “effortless golf swing” on YouTube. I came across your video and it was almost hilarious. I thought, “What?” My brain was hardly believing what I was seeing. It looked so easy. I had never seen a golfer hitting a ball with that ease and effortlessness. Being a proactive person, I emailed you at once. That is how it all started”.

BS: “I remember your email. It was something in what you wrote about yourself and your thoughts about golf and life that made me very curious. We had a long Skype session just a few days later and that chat was the start on a very exciting journey. I have decided to have this conversation today because I would very much like to include your thoughts on golf in the light of biology in my book, as this is something I have never found in books or articles”.

OH: “I am delighted to have someone being curious about my thoughts about golf in a biological aspect. I would like to begin with the word paradox”.

BS: “What do you mean by that?”.

OH: “Golf is in many ways a paradox”.

BS: “Now you are cryptic”.

OH: “It may sound cryptic, but it is a simple explanation. The big paradox is what most golfers know, but struggle to achieve; less is more”.

BS: “Ha, ha, now we are talking. If we want to kill the ball to add distance, we are killing our game. It is about transformation of energy and not about strength”.

OH: “Exactly and even knowing this fact, we all struggle to live it. The second paradox, as I see it, is that the movement in a golf swing does not consist of natural movements. They are unnatural”.

BS: “What do you mean by unnatural movements?”.

OH: “If you give a beginner a club, it may even be a person that is good in many different sports and ask this person to hit a ball without giving any advice at all, nothing will resemble a golf swing. The person will find everything unfamiliar and awkward. Just think about how to grip the club. The person has never in his/her life held any tool in a grip like we are taught to do in golf. This creates what?”

BS: “Tension!”

OH: “Bingo! If we dive into the field of human biology and golf, tension will be one big part of it. Tension is a killer in golf, everybody knows this. Just by pointing at one single part of the game, the grip, the word tension pops up. Interesting, isn´t? If we now take a step further and look at what happens next in a golf lesson for beginners. What do we see?”

BS: “Then the person is taught how to take the address position, which again is something totally unfamiliar and strange, right?”

OH: “Without any doubts. Now, everything feels awkward. The grip is awkward, the position of the body is awkward and the perfect tension builder”.

BS: “Then you are told to stand completely still and be relaxed!”

OH: “Right. It is time for the Mr. Bean show. From a biological standpoint, this is a sure way to get into stress, known as “The Fight - Flight” mode. I will briefly give you some biological facts. Stress is created by the Sympathetic-Nervous-System. The word that is easily recognized by all golfers here is nervousness. In biology we do have a lot of loops, what I call a Domino effect. One part of a cycle initiates and increases another part and this again increases the first one. A very simple loop is that “Tension creates nervousness, nervousness increases the tension”. Every golfer or other sportsmen knows this”.

BS: “So, you and I are bridging neuroscience & biology to golf”.

OH: “You may say that. The reason I contacted you was because it looked like you had understood golf and biology. Your way of teaching seemed to be very much focused on effortless, which is the opposite of tension”.

BS: “That is right. My main goal in my teaching is to help golfers get rid of tension. You said that energy was a key word looking at my original video. Could you add the next two key words from a biological perspective?”.

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Recent Testimonials Dedicated To Brian
The Pick Of The Bunch From Testimonials Around The World

Oyvind Haslund, student and great friend.
“Thank you for the information, Philip. It is with tears in my eyes I read your message about Brian, even though I knew this was coming. I will remember our relationship with gratefulness. We had many "heart to heart conversations" and many similarities in life, with a lot of synchronicity. My father was born 1918, as was your father. I was born in 1952 myself. I am tempted to make a comparison to our relationship to a golf swing at ease! One of Brian’s gifts was that he followed his heart on the main road in life. His did not make big noises on his walk, but the footprints will be there for many years to come.”

Reg Harrison, Former GM of Walmer and Kingsdown GC and still single figure golfer in his late 70’s who would have given golf up a decade ago after a major stroke had Brian not helped him.
“As you and Brian knew, myself, along with countless others, literally all over the world, owe a great deal to him. A real gentleman, with a positive attitude to golf and life, who put the enjoyment back into the lives of many amateur golfers. That in itself is a legacy to be proud of and hopefully his memory will live on through his creation Easiest Swing. A loss to golf and all who had the good fortune to know him.”

Dr David Meakin, Brian’s GP and a student of both Philip from 1996 and Brian from 2006. 
“He has helped me with my golf game over many years now. He helped me understand La Danse de Golf, and over many years I was able to rid myself of the tension and blocks in my swing. Brian had an holistic approach to golf, and our conversation covered many aspects of human thinking and many philosophies. Much of what I picked up from Brian, I can apply to many other aspects of my life. Many of his thoughts have helped me deal with the stress of working in the NHS during the Covid-19 pandemic. I shall greatly miss the chances to reflect with Brian, upon the golf swing and life in general. I hope that you and your family can take comfort from knowing what a significant impact Brian has made to so many people.”

Dick Stockton, Hall of Fame sports commentator in the USA. 
“He did do much for me as he did for countless golfers who were looking for a lifeline. But more important he was a good person and I’m delighted I got to meet him when my wife and I visited him several years ago in Kent for a personal clinic and lunch. I know you will keep his legacy going. My condolences to you follow his long and courageous battle”.

Phil Scott, (Adam Scott’s father, Adam - US Master’s Champion, 2013).
“Thanks very much for your note, albeit a sad subject. That said, it will be better to remember the contribution Brian made, no doubt to many people and in many facets of life. With golf being such an enormous part of his life, it is heartening to think that his contributions will go on and on. The easiest swing, La danse du golf, will, I am certain gain more and more traction, momentum, and acceptance. Personally, I believe it has never been more relevant than now, as we see the incredibly widening gap between golf for the masses and the top level professional game. Positive Impact, be it a book, the golf strike, or a philosophy and attitude, will firm a summary of Brian in life and golf. Thank goodness I have the memories, triggered whenever a lovely easy fluid swing is made! Philip, my sincere best wishes, condolences and happy thoughts are sent to all Brian’s family.”

Stuart Bernstein, Former US Ambassador to Denmark. 
“Thank you for letting me be a part of this tribute. After having back surgery, I found Brian Sparks while searching the internet for the easiest golf swing. It was like finding a gift from heaven. I am 83 years old. I have been playing golf for 60 years and I have taken hundreds of golf lessons. Brian’s Easy Golf Swing allowed me to golf pain free. I was honored that he asked me to be in his new book. The best part of all this was getting to know Brian and becoming dear friends. He was a beautiful soul, and I will truly miss him”. 

Ian Appleyard, PGA Coach in Denmark and one of Brian’s Easiest Swing coaches. 
“Brian was a fantastic person and is one of the people that has had a great influence on my life, despite only knowing him for a relatively short time. He has changed my outlook on golf from “teaching” to “coaching” and my approach to life in general. I will continue to live my life to the best of my ability after Brian’s philosophy. He may have gone but he lives on with everyone he came in contact with. When Brian was in Denmark back in 2017, we did a 3 day course together. One of my clients said at the end: “I was brainwashed, but now I am Brianwashed!”. I think that sums it up perfectly x Please pass on my condolences to your family”.

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