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In The March Newsletter

  • Morikawa on the Importance of The Finish
  • Update on Konah Appeal
  • Update on Julian Mellor
  • A New Role For Sean Herron
  • Our Man in Atlanta, Georgia
  • YouTube Review of the Month

Morikawa on the Importance of The Finish
Even Tour Pros Benefit from this Essential Aspect 

In advance of a recent PGA Tour event, Collin Morikawa was invited to the range to answer questions from Sky's Nick Dougherty. This 24-year-old American has already won 4 times, one of which was the 2020 US PGA Championship, and shares a record with Tiger Woods having passed the cut in his first 22 tour events. I particularly like the way he seems to swing within himself as opposed to the new tendency to simply hit it as far as possible particularly off the tee. This is not an example for us to imitate, either as handicap amateurs and especially as seniors. 

Dougherty asked him what swing thoughts he based his game on and Morikawa gave a simple answer that most of us can follow and an aspect that those of you who have read my book will immediately recognise. He said that it is his finish which takes centre stage on all shots. He went on to say that it helped him to not think too much about his backswing. 

This may surprise a lot of you as it's been drilled into us by our teachers that we must get the club in the right place in our backswings and failure to do this will create problems. Here is one of the most successful tour players saying the opposite. I couldn't agree more. I now play with no thoughts about where my club is but I do need to feel the club head so that I sort of know where it is. I know where the ball is so it is then relatively easy to get the two to meet as I swing through the ball. 

Of course, swinging through the shot is essential so the intention to reach my finish is of great importance. Over the next few weeks and months, as we start to play on the course again, take note of how many golfers around you actually achieve a relaxed and balanced finish. You may be surprised at the small numbers.

You might also look at the number of very successful tour pros who haven't followed
DeChambeau's new style. Both Lee Westwood and Paul Casey are playing superb golf and either challenging to win or winning top tournaments with never a thrashed shot between them. They both hit the ball far enough to be successful and are an example to us all especially as they are both in their forties and will probably enjoy more success as they eventually move to the Senior Tour.

Good rhythm, a high level of relaxation and a balanced finish are within the reach and abilities of all of us and I can't recommend this combination highly enough.

Brian Sparks 

Update on Konah Appeal 
This Young Liberian Golfer Well on His Way to Becoming the First Easiest Swing Coach in Africa 

Konah and his Mother
I am delighted to report that the Easiest Swing community has reacted in a very positive manner to the appeal in the February newsletter. Your generosity has already assured Konah of the following:
  • a regular income of $100 per month for the rest of 2021
  • the purchase of a much needed new driver (the caddies club he had been using disappeared)
  • a new smart phone so that he can send photos and videos of his progress and have an essential tool when he starts coaching
  • enough money to keep him and his mother consistently well fed
  • enough to provide excellent medication when necessary

All this builds on the new Ping irons I had previously sent him, which you can see in the above photo along with some Easiest Swing accessories, and the Footjoy shoes he received about 2 months ago. He tells me that he is already feeling like a pro!

You can watch this video of Konah hitting some balls and watch me telling you more about my appeal.  

Here are a few comments from those who have helped to sponsor him:

  • Harry H: "It is a joy to know that he is getting so much benefit"
  • Peter W: "A good news story amongst all the doom and gloom to brighten our day"
  • Donald M: "It was a pleasure to help someone who was far less fortunate than us"

On Friday 19th March he is going to attempt to play 72 holes in a day, a tough challenge in those equatorial temperatures and humidity. If you haven't already contributed, I would again encourage you to follow this link and commit to any amount that you can donate, however small. Alternative ways to contribute are available by emailing me here brian@easeistswing.com.

With many thanks for donating anything you can and joining me in this campaign, 

Brian Sparks 

Update on Julian Mellor
He Leaves ES to Follow his Own Project 

Many of you will have noticed that Julian has recently created a new identity and you may be wondering if he is still an Easiest Swing coach. Brian can confirm that he is not. He had to decide that Julian's new website was not compatible with the Easiest Swing philosophy and he could therefore no longer continue as an Easiest Swing coach.

All our coaches join Brian in taking this opportunity to thank Julian for the way he has promoted our unique brand over the last 5 years and to wish him well with his new project. 

A New Role For Sean Herron
Now Brian's Official No.2

After reading the above notice of Julian's departure as an Easiest Swing Coach you will be delighted to hear that Sean Herron will be taking on this new responsibility with immediate effect. Nobody has embraced the ES philosophy with such relish and dedication and we know that our future is in the most reliable and exceptional hands.

Our Man in Atlanta, Georgia
Update on Bob Cunningham's Study Group

This is to announce that, due to circumstances beyond his control, Bob has had to put back the start of this Study Group for a few weeks. We will announce the new date in the April newsletter.

Should you wish to take part there are still places available so please call or email Bob Cunningham to register at this special one time rate, normally $299 now only $99, for this inaugural study group and a total of 9 hours learning over 12 weeks... 001-770-378-4310 or

YouTube Video Review of the Month
From Wendell Kristofak

Here is a link to the video reviewed by Wendell.

I have read your book and reread. I have listened to all your videos. But by far this is my favorite. I'm 70 years and when I get out of sync I always come back and listen. It's all about the movement, keep the tension out and move the whole body. The results are amazing. Thanks as always.

With many thanks to Tony for sharing his story and thoughts with us. I am sure that there are many golfers in a similar situation who will be encouraged by his story and the way he is learning to enjoy his golf again despite age and injury.

Thanks to Wendell for such a positive review. I am sure that the message in this video is, as he suggests, one that most of us would de well to take on board.

Wishing you all the very best for the year ahead as the golf courses start to re-open (29th March in uk) and you can all get back to the normality and the challenge of playing this great game in the easiest and most enjoyable possible way,

Brian Sparks and your team of Easiest Swing coaches, Sean, Ian, Bob V D, Thomas, Jerome, Greg, Hein, Bob C, Ron, Jason, Phil and Philip.


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