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Email of the Month
An Email from Norway Titled 'Tribute to the Easiest Swing'


Sorry for my lack of English grammar but hope you undertsand the content.

I want to tell you what the Easiest Swing philosophy means for me. I am 50 year`s  and have been playing golf for 15 years. My HCP the last years have been from 9,5 to 11. In the last 10 years I have played a lot. I will probably never be very good in the game, but that has never been my goal either. My goal has been to have fun, play stably but of course accept some good and bad rounds.

In the years I have played golf, there have been many ups and downs. I don't know how many videos I have seen on YouTube and how many money I have spent on coaching but it is many.

In 2014 I was On YouTube to search for good technique for golf. I found one of the first videos by Brian «the Easiest Swing Positive Impact Golf». I got facinated and probably watched the video 10 times before I ran out on the range to try the "Easiest Swing" method. I still remember the day, I immediately felt happiness, I hit the ball, I stayed relaxed, absolutely wonderful feeling

I immediately went home to find out more about the Easiest Swing. I ordered the book Positive Impact Golf, a SwingRite and online lesson with Brian. I could have written a lot about what I experienced after I discovered The Easiest Swing but in short terms I felt happiness and the feeling of being a better person both for me and for the environment. 

I do not know when but think it was the late summer of 2015 I played golf with a friend. It was probably not my best day on the tracks, but I did not care much. My friend is a good player (3 HCP). On the course he would give me some tips. He said: stand more stable with your feet, keep your head still and keep your left arm straight. I have to admit that it worked and I wanted to try more with this technique. Why I did this I do not know, but think it must be because my friend was such a good player. After this I was having many lessons with pros and many hours on YouTube searching for good methods.

From 2015 until today, I have been a lot back and forth between the Easiest Swing and the more traditional swing. In May this year I considered quitting golf. I thought that if I continued to play golf I would get mentally sick. My game was so bad that I lost my sleep, I felt depressed and thought of nothing else but the bad golf I was playing. In early June, I played a tournament. After 9 holes I had to break due to great pain in my left hip. On the way home I thought my golf was over. My wife is a good golfer (9 HCP). She loves golf and she has felt all my ups and downs in golf. We had arranged a round with some friends a few days later. I was afraid to disappoint her if I did not want to play but I was terrified to play golf with our friends. The day before the round I went on the range just to try to find my swing. Without thinking about it I started warming up with La Dance (I still got my hip pain). Suddenly I felt joy and started swinging with the Easiest Swing technique. I think I swung and "danced" for 10 minutes before hitting a single ball.

The day when we were going to play with our friends, my wife asked if we should go to the golf course «you always have to have 45 minutes on the range before we play she said». We got a lot of time I said to my wife, I will just dance a little before we play and do not need more than 10 minutes and I smiled wisely at her. We had a wonderful day at the golf course not that the game was perfect but the joy was back. My good mood on the course was often commented by our friends especially that I did not get angry when I hit bad shots. My wife and I had the best «after golf» in a log time (after golf for us is a cold beer on the terrace). We had a long talk about our experiences with golf in recent years. I took her hand and promised that I would never leave Easiest Swing again. 

In recent weeks, I have thought a lot about why I have gone back and forth from Easiest Swing to traditional technique. I have not found the answer yet. But one thing I have concluded is that I will never leave Easiest Swing again.

Many thanks to Brian and the entire Easiest Swing team.

Kind regards

Egil Olsen from Norway

I wrote back to Egil saying that his grammar was certainly good enough for me to understand the meaning of his words and asking if he would agree to me featuring it in my July newsletter. He graciously agreed.

Here is a link to a video which I filmed for this newsletter in which I give an update on my health situation and discuss the question he asks; "why have I gone back and forth from the Easiest Swing." In short, I believe that we are educated or indoctrinated to do this. I hope my thoughts on the topic will help.

Egil's story reminded me of a very similar email I received from Rob Last which I intend to include in my new book, The Easiest Swing in Golf for Seniors. Rather than copy it in the newsletter I thought I'd just share a link to it 
here. As you will hear in the video, the book has rather taken second spot to my current situation but I am hopeful that this will improve soon and I can return to it with total focus. 

Swing Caddy / Hole In One
The Brexit Effect on these Sales
Since January 2021 the full effect of the new EU post-Brexit regulations has made sales extremely difficult, stressful and, unfortunately, more expensive for our customers. Every sale has experienced significant delays and some have been returned for what appear to us to be spurious reasons. Two have been returned to us with no explanation as to why. 

Having now discovered that there are even more stringent rules about VAT in the pipeline, we have decided to immediately postpone all sales to EU countries until such time as we can control the costs and give assurances concerning a speedy and efficient delivery service.

This is most frustrating as these swing trainers really do work wonders and they complement everything golfers are looking to achieve by playing in the Easiest Swing manner. Rest assured that we will work tirelessly to get back to helping our European friends to purchase one of these as soon as possible.

In the meantime, there are no such problems with UK deliveries although there is more paperwork involved in sending them to Northern Ireland.

As mentioned in the June newsletter, the price of these wonderful swing trainers increased on 1st July by £10 but we have good stocks at the old price so will be able to guarantee the current price until 1st August. So, please take advantage of this situation and get one now. You will never regret it. 

Order one here. 

We wish you all much joy on the course this summer,

Brian Sparks and your team of Easiest Swing coaches, Sean, Ian, Bob V D, Thomas, Jerome, Greg, Hein, Bob C, Ron, Jason, Phil and Philip.



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