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ESClub Update And More
The Latest Developments For The Soon To Be Launch Of The ESClub 

From Philip. Brian’s brother:

Seàn, Dean, Malcolm and I met Brian in December 2021 to discuss how the Easiest Swing Club could continue to evolve once he would no longer be with us to drive this project forward. We met again last month to discuss this legacy and how we four can make it come to life in Brian’s memory. I have some good news that things are progressing well, and we have set up the following team and responsibilities.

Chairman - Malcolm Bluemel
Easiest Swing Head Coach - Seán Herron
Marketing Director - Dean Martin
General Manager - Philip Sparks

In addition, my son Peter is going to offer technical support and will assist Dean with the Easiest Swing Club site development. Peter is a great advocate of Easiest Swing having had many a lesson with Brian over the years, and despite being pretty much a once-a-year golfer, plays comfortably off a five handicap. He takes Easiest Swing to a new level when he takes his lovely languid swing and knocks it well over 300 yards and usually some 30-50 yards past Dad!

As all the Easiest Swing Community knows, Brian was passionate about demystifying the game and the way it is instructed by our coaches. We have a following of over 10,000 subscribers to the newsletter. Meanwhile, Easiest Swing coaches combined, have had over 8 million YouTube hits and over 30,000 YouTube subscribers from around the world. I am certain virtually every single one of these subscribers and viewers would be able to tell their story of how traditional coaching has failed them. We know that, worldwide, almost every other teacher assumes their pupils are not performing at their best and that, in order to be able to make progress, the teacher needs to impose some new and better action which is probably based on what the elite players do. In other words, they are the genius and you are the idiot and you can’t possibly hope to get better with the swing you have now! ……What an awful predicament for their client!

Brian’s philosophy (note we do not call it a method) could not be further from that. He even ensured the language we all use doesn’t set the teacher on a pedestal to look down on you but more sets the student (he preferred that word to pupil) on the same level as the coach (another word he preferred to teacher). In his training scheme for his coaches he discusses, in great detail, how the coach must hear what you have to say with “exquisite listening” - a term he felt was so important as he always believed you probably already have the answers to your own game within you …….you just didn’t know it yet! He also talked of “achieving profound understanding of what lies beneath the visible surface. Therefore, the coach must listen for the key words and the way you talk to discover the obstructions that are already there and are in the way of your progress. The coach needs to ask many questions rather than make statements and must be completely non-judgemental. Brian’s absolute belief was that you possessed a much better swing within you and it was as if he could already see it in his mind’s eye. All he needed to do was find out why you are not already swinging like that. It was as if he had an endless belief in your ability. How many teachers view their pupils this way? He also knew that most teachers talk too much when teaching and, as a consequence, unwittingly make the whole learning process much more difficult. Easiest Swing coaches are trained to listen and only interject with sufficient language for you to find out for yourself what works better for you. 

Amongst Brian’s affairs I found a note he wrote which I believe sums this all up perfectly:

Teaching assumes that something is missing in the student and the teacher has to provide it. Coaching assumes that the student’s ability is already there and only needs to be discovered and brought out”.

To use one of Brian’s favourite lines from the Positive Impact Golf book; “Michaelangelo went to a slab of marble and took away everything that was not David”. This informs how Brian visualised his coaching. So how about we remind ourselves of his key thoughts about why we may not already be achieving our own “statue of David” - perfect swing?

Brian believed this is the single biggest killer of a free and easy movement in golf. Where may tension be sitting within your own game that you are still unaware of? Believe it or not, the main place Brian saw tension in me was in my face! I have had a lifelong golfing habit of pinching my lips together, in a sort of determined effort, which gives away a slight lack of belief in myself. Brian used to ask me to swing with my face relaxed and mouth open. You cannot believe the difference this makes to the speed of my swing and how relaxed I stay throughout when I achieve this apparently minor change. 

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Dates For Sean's 3-Day Workshop In Mallorca
Book Your Spot For 17th-19th June

Would you like to enjoy your swing more than ever before?
Would you like to hit the ball further with less physical effort?
Would you like to extend your golfing life?

Spend a day with Seán Herron and achieve all these and more. With only 6 participants you will enjoy quality time with the co-founder of Easiest Swing. You will also enjoy the synergy and exchange with the other golfers and come away with a new outlook on your game.
The day starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm and the cost is €595pp including range balls, 9-hole green fee, coffee, snacks & lunch. 

Accommodation needs to be arranged by yourself and if you need some help you can contact me personally at

Cost: €595
Please click here for more details

If you have any questions about any of the April newsletter content please email us at office@easiestswing.com.
With our very best wishes to you all,
"it's still a nice day!"

Philip, Seán and the team at the Easiest Swing

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