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  • Why We Think The ESClub Is The Right Way Forward
  • A Scientific Look At Tension in Golf
  • Review of the Month
  • Swing Caddy Price Increase Delayed and News on Sales to Europe

Coming up to Xmas and the New Year we want to say to many of you how thankful we are for your warm words of care and encouragement as Brian continues to strugggle with his health. We want to thank you for the stories about how much Brian has touched your lives and how the Easiest Swing has helped change your golf, maybe even your life. We want you to know we share these stories with each of the coaches because it always brings a smile and appreciation to know that what we do and stand for is bringing you joy. And for Brian we know this really is a hugely powerful therapy just in itself. We really appreciate it and we appreciate you.

Happy Christams and Happy New Year and best wishes for a safe and Covid free festive season and a much brighter 2022 from the ES Team!

Sean and Philip

Why We Think The ESClub Is The Right Way Forward
Bringing You More Joy For Much Less

I mentioned in last month’s newsletter about our plans to start an Easiest Swing Club (ESClub) next year. After much discussion and exploration these last few years on how to help a much greater number of golfers to discover the joy that playing with the Easiest Swing can bring to their lives, we have found a solution that will help golfers in every corner of the globe increase their understanding of just what the Easiest Swing is and how to integrate it easily and effectively into their games. And, essentially to us, at the same time remain absolutely true to the Easiest Swing philosophy. We will create an online club where everyone can engage with each other and learn from each other’s experiences. In the 7 years as an ES coach I have found this extremely helpful for my own learning of the philosophy where I have been in weekly contact with Brian. Fortunately for me, Brian has been more than willing to answer my questions and share his knowledge and experience. We feel the ESClub will bring you similar benefits where you can engage with Easiest Swing coaches and other ES enthusiasts.

The fascinating and exciting prospect about an online golf club is how close you get to, and how much you learn about, other golfers and their experiences. If you have ever been to an Easiest Swing workshop you will have witnessed the importance of synergy and communication within the group. It is way more fun plus we learn more about ourselves and our own golf game from listening to what others have to share. 

Unfortunately, this is not commmon in the golfing culture we live in today. The golf industry, as a whole, is elitist and this elitism has many repercussions. Ultimately, it means that nobody dares share experiences with others because of the fear of being laughed at. You can see it’s effects up and down the country at every golfing workshop held by the local pro. Each golfer is made to stand in individual bays hiting balls and waits in a queue for the pro who moves up in a line, giving each student 5 minutes of his time for tips and advice.

Please read more here.....

A Scientific Look At Tension in Golf?
A Short Extract of an Interview with Brian & Oyvind

Oyvind Hafslund is a Naturopathic Doctor, Physiotherapist and author of the book “The Biological Domino Effect” with the subtitle “What we repeat - we will be”. Like us at the Easiest Swing, Oyvind has genuine curiosity and a shared ethos of looking outside the box.

This interview is based on his research in neuroscience as a neuropathic doctor and his thoughts and reflections on human biology and life has helped Brian to better understand why he has instinctively built ES coaching on certain aspects of movements and motions.

OH: “What I want to bring up is how science confirms the importance of movements and motions if we want to take down tension, nervousness and the stress”.

BS: “Like finding a physical trigger when starting your back swing? Waggling for example?”.

OH: “Yes. That is an example of how motion takes down tension. I will introduce and add another general way of taking down the stress, which is purely physical and backed by science”.

BS: “Can´t wait to hear about this”. 

OH: “We then need to go back to our nervous system and the different modes. “Fight – Flight” and “Rest – Digest” are well-known. Most people do not know that we have two more nervous-system-modes we may go into. One has been known for a long time and is called “The Freeze Mode” and is the ultimate primitive counter reaction to be super-stressed and in panic. The second one is the one you will love to hear about; “The moving forward mode”.     

BF: “I have never heard about this mode, but I like it already”.

OH: “I can understand that you love it, as you have intuitively understood it for a long time. What I am doing now is to explain from a biological angle, why your teaching method have had such success for many of your students”.

BS: “Moving is for sure a key in my teaching”. 

OH: “Moving forward is the opposite of standing still and will counteract stress and tension. Science have now showed that moving forward is calming down the control center of the brain. This center is called amygdala and is a part of our brain that performs a primary role in the processing of memory, decision-making and emotional responses such as anxiety, fears and aggression. Scientists have found that amygdala calms down when our eyes move from side to side”. 

BS: “So, if you keep your head still and fix your eyes on the ball, you’re in dead trouble!”.

OH: “You are at least doing the exact opposite. The researchers have done tests that showed that moving your eyes from side to side, even when sitting down, calms our stress center down”. 

BS: “Wow!”

OH: “Experiments demonstrate that it is difficult to be afraid when you’re moving forward”.

Please read more of this interview hear......

(The ES community sends the very best wishes to Oyvind who underwent surgery on a benign tumour last Thursday. He is doing very well).

Review of the Month 
A review from David, the steward at Royal St. Georges GC

This letter is from The Steward at Royal Ste Georges GC (which has just been named #1 in the Top 100 Courses listing), following a game there with Brian’s brother Philip. David is 76 years young and has a handicap of 17.
Hi Philip,
Thanks for putting up with me when we played yesterday, I think I was tiring at the end but that has all come to an abrupt halt. Managed to read half the book (Positive Impact Golf) last night & couldn’t wait to get on the range this morning with spectacular results! (for me that is). I normally hit one bucket before my back starts to niggle, 2 buckets today! I seem to be needing one club less for the same distances, the ball is going so much higher I really couldn’t believe it, I’m so grateful to you and thanks to you & Brian who I feel I almost know now for a new outlook on the game of golf. I also hit my rescue, 5 & 3 woods without a hint of a fade or slice. Will experiment with the driver tomorrow. So far have just concentrated on lifting the left heel & it seems to have slowed down the whole swing giving me a much cleaner contact. Does this make sense? 
Long may it last.
Kind regards,

Swing Caddy Prices Increase Delayed
UK Prices Held Until 1st January 2022

We are delighted to inform you that the sale price of the Swing Caddy and Hole In One swing trainers will be maintained at £169.95 inc P&P for deliveries to UK and Northern Ireland until 31st December.

Sales to European countries are still suspended but we hope to announce very soon that a solution has been found and a date from which we will again be able to supply our European friends. We can't tell you yet what the price for those sales will be but we are doing everything we can to limit any increases.

These wonderful swing trainers are manufactured in South Korea and the new worldwide crisis in transportation costs will inevitably impact on future prices, especially in the short to medium term.

If you have any questions about any of the December newsletter content please email us at office@easiestswing.com.

With our very best wishes to you all

Brian, Seán, Philip and the team at the Easiest Swing

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