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In This November Newsletter

  • Future Newsletters by Seán Herron
  • Seán's Experience of the Magnificent Costa Navarino Golf Resort in Greece
  • YouTube Video Review of the Month 
  • Swing Caddy Price Increase Delayed and News on Sales to Europe

Future Newsletters by Seán Herron
Helping Brian with the Monthly Newsletters

As mentioned in the October newsletter, you will be seeing more of Philip and I in our newsletters over the next few months until such time as Brian is again ready to provide the quality of content you are so used to receiving. You will know that Brian has been going through some challenging times with his health recently and is therefore under a strict regime of medication. This means he is unable to give his full attention to the monthly newsletter and has reached out to myself and Philip to help. We will not lie to you, this is a daunting task for us as we attempt to follow in the footsteps of such a brilliant writer who graces the page with such clear, concise and eloquent words. As well as that, we plan to revamp and refresh this newsletter template along the way so please accept our apologies for any teething problems that may come up. We thank you for your patience as we learn to make this transition as smooth as possible, keeping true to the Easiest Swing philosophy and, at the same time, finding our own voices on the page.

As Brian so gracefully shared his story with us last month, in keeping with the Easiest Swing ethos we will continue to stay positive and optimistic about Brian and his health and hope that
 there will be better news in the near future. 

With many thanks again for your patience and your continued support. In Brian's own words, "this is a hugely powerful therapy in itself and I can't put into words just how much I appreciate it."

All the very best

Sean and Philip

Seán's Experience of the Magnificent Costa Navarino Golf Resort in Greece
Future Location for "ESCape" Golf Coaching Holidays

Due to Brian’s health situation at the moment I was asked to replace him and take advantage of an all expenses paid trip to the luxury Costa Navarino 5-star golf resort in Greece. The purpose of the trip was to inspect the facilities and, if satisfied, promote Easiest Swing golf holidays there in future. I would therefore like to take the opportunity to write about my experience.

I had not heard of Costa Navarino in Greece prior to doing some research before I set off on my trip. I got super excited as I skimmed through the website, blown away by the wide range of facilities at the resort as well as the magnificent scenery of the golf courses, set on the backdrop of the historic Bay of Navarino. Brian had mentioned that `Pete the Butcher´(a good friend of his and whom many of you may remember from the Positive Impact Golf Book) raved about it and said it was the best golf resort he had ever experienced. I knew Pete had been to quite a few world class golf resorts so I had no doubt this was going to be something special.

The Costa Navarino is located on Messenia, please click here to read more ......

Photos of the Westin & Romanos Resorts:

Photos of the courses and hotels from the Costa Navarino website:

YouTube Video Review of the Month 
A review of one of Brian's videos

I have tried the Simple Swing for the first time. I normally HIT the ball. I tried a slow backswing and an EASY down swing and turned into the ball - result - a fabulous drive which amazed me. I would swear that I used no more than 40% of my usual speed. The ball went further than I have ever experienced. It was NO effort - fabulous swing technique and would recommend to anyone.
Alister Reid 5/11/21

See the video Alister is reviewing here: https://youtu.be/469NDASOrrs

Swing Caddy Prices Increase Delayed
UK Prices Held Until 1st January 2022

We are delighted to inform you that the sale price of the Swing Caddy and Hole In One swing trainers will be maintained at £169.95 inc P&P for deliveries to UK and Northern Ireland until 31st December.

Sales to European countries are still suspended but we hope to announce very soon that a solution has been found and a date from which we will again be able to supply our European friends. We can't tell you yet what the price for those sales will be but we are doing everything we can to limit any increases.

These wonderful swing trainers are manufactured in South Korea and the new worldwide crisis in transportation costs will inevitably impact on future prices, especially in the short to medium term.

If you have any questions about any of the October newsletter content please email us at office@easiestswing.com.

With our very best wishes to you all

Brian, Seán, Philip and the team at the Easiest Swing

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