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In This October Newsletter

  • Brian's Health Update with Accompanying Video Link 
  • Update on Konah Goll Sponsorship
  • Swing Caddy Price Increase Delayed and News on Sales to Europe

Brian's Health Update
Difficult Times But the Easiest Swing Philosophy is Helping

Let me start by apologising for there being no August or September newsletters. In this video link you will see and hear me talking about the reasons for this and giving a positive update on where I am currently. I also talk about learning from Michel in France about how to apply a positive mindset to every situation both on and off the course and how effective I became at putting bad shots behind me, literally as soon as I hit one. It is so much easier to cope with adversity on the golf course when you are practicing the same principles in every part of your daily life. 

You will learn that I was only able to swing the club and play golf until May this year due to a spread of my thyroid cancer to the spine and that it was only the Easiest Swing style that allowed this and to play so well. No other 'method,' not that the Easiest Swing is a method more a philosophy, could have done this with so much success and I firmly believe that anything else would have increaesed my pain levels and driven my health backwards as well as building more frustration that comes with poor golf and increasing pain.

So, this is a short newsletter as I am still convalescing and under a strict regime of medication that makes concentration a tough and inconsistent call.

You will be seeing more of Philip and Sean in our newsletters over the next few of months until such time as I am again ready to provide the quality of content with which I hope you're familiar.

I remember the questions I asked myself before deciding to include personal health issues in my book, "Positive Impact Golf," and have reflected on this again before producing this newsletter. I want to thank Tim Scoch from Virginia, USA, who wrote to me with a question about his swing. In the process of answering his query he shared this with me:

"Your love of golf and golfers not only runs deep within you but reaches out to all of us, and we feel that and are grateful.  So, thank you.

I am happy that your treatments and results are taking positive turns. It's actually exciting, because maybe you can finish your projects, if you can reduce the fog of your medications. But what a history you have had with your thyroid. Please don't be shy about letting people into that story because it is your optimism and strength that shines through and it is a good example and inspiration to all of us."

The Easiest Swing ethos is one of sharing so his words of encouragement convinced me to do just that. 

In 2013, cancer appeared in my thyroid and in 2015 it spread to my lungs. Instead of the sciatica that I thought to be the reason for my debilitating pain in left leg and hip it turns out that it is a further spread into my spine and, most recently, my left leg. I am most fortunate to being treated at our leading cancer hospital, the Royal Marsden in London, and I'm just about to go on a special inhibitor drug that works particularly well on blocking thyroid cancer, so am hopeful that there will be better news in the near future.

I am sure that many of you will, unfortunately, have had similar experiences and I am not suggesting for a minute that applying the Easiest Swing philosophy can alleviate your symptoms. I do, however, feel strongly that applying the same attitude and mindset to your health as you will have learnt from the ES coaching philosophy, will help you to cope with the difficulties these health situations inevitably bring with them.  

With many thanks again for your patience and your continued support. This is a hugely powerful therapy in itself and I can't put into words just how much I appreciate it.

All the very best


Update on Konah Goll Sponsorship
Good Progress Despite Background of Evolving Pandemic

Let me start by thanking those of you who have already helped Konah in his ambition to become a golf professional. I am happy to report that he has made significant progress and continues to impress the people within the Liberian Golf Association who can award this status to him. His golf has come on immensely and he has begun to compete with the local professionals on equal terms.  

As with many other aspects of post-Covid life, professional golf in Liberia has also been adversely affected by the pandemic and professional golf events have been restricted. 

I can report that the Easiest Swing has matched every donation you have made and that the total sum we have been able to provide for him and his mother so far, between us, is just over £5,000.

We are committed to continue to help Konah but must inform you that this has extended beyond his golf and has included a large amount of work improving his living environment. Here are just a few photos of what became a near total rebuild of his house. 

We must be honest with you and say that, at the beginning, we didn't understand the full extent of what was required to help Konah achieve his goal, but we are even more convinced now that our donations will really change his and his mother's lives and are committed to keep going. If anyone is ready to contribute a little more to this campaign please do so by following this link. Any amount will be welcome and we know that Konah will be forever grateful however small your contribution. 

The house as it was:


Here are the improvements. You will see that the outside of the house has been painted in the Easiest Swing colours!

Swing Caddy Prices Increase Delayed
UK Prices Held Until 1st January 2022

We are delighted to inform you that the sale price of the Swing Caddy and Hole In One swing trainers will be maintained at £169.95 inc P&P for deliveries to UK and Northern Ireland until 31st December.

Sales to European countries are still suspended but we hope to announce very soon that a solution has been found and a date from which we will again be able to supply our European friends. We can't tell you yet what the price for those sales will be but we are doing everything we can to limit any increases.

These wonderful swing trainers are manufactured in South Korea and the new worldwide crisis in transportation costs will inevitably impact on future prices, especially in the short to medium term.

If you have any questions about any of the October newsletter content please email us at office@easiestswing.com.

With our very best wishes to you all

Brian and the team at the Easiest Swing


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