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Tiger Roars Again!
With His 15th Major Title At The 2019 Augusta Masters:

Tiger Woods After His Last Putt

Let me be honest, I haven't been the greatest Tiger Woods fan in the world over the last few years. I haven't always liked his attitude and I felt that his swing was in danger of influencing golfers all over the world into becoming more tense, overly athletic, too technical and with increased dangers of being physically damaged, especially to any senior who may have felt capable of copying him. 

I also felt that he had failed to adapt his game in the same way that Jack Nicklaus had in toning down his instinct to hit the ball as hard and as far as possible. Nicklaus learnt to hit the ball, especially with his driver, at approximately 80% as he was bound to hit more fairways. I don't have any statistics on this but I can tell you that he was very consistent off the tee and rarely hit the ball miles off line. 

Only once did Jack resort to using full power when he famously took off his sweater before hitting his drive at the 18th at St Andrews in the last round of the 1970 Open because he needed a birdie to tie with Doug Sanders. He hit it through the green, chipped quite close and holed the birdie putt. He went on to win the 18-hole play-off the following day. He knew, however, that he couldn't hit the ball like that all the time and be consistently in play. Tiger still hasn't quite come to terms with that as yet although he does now swing with more ease on everything other than the driver.

As a professional sportsman myself, I have to praise Tiger's dedication and determination to getting back to winning ways despite everything he's been through. It surely is one of the greatest golfing comebacks of all time and possibly in any sport. I am on record as saying that I didn't believe he could do it. Hats off to you Mr Woods!

It will be interesting to see how much this win further boosts his confidence and whether we will see the return of the Tiger effect on the other players as they cope with playing against him when in contention again. How many wins will he achieve this year? I, for one, will also be waiting to see a more human face on the man but that might be a hopeful wish too far.

One thing is for sure, the world of golf will be delighted to have the Tiger effect back in action as it copes with downturns in playing statistics. If he can move trends back in the opposite direction we'll all love him forever!
Brian Sparks

Pilates For Senior Golfers
A Series Of 5 Exercises Featuring Ebrina Vogelaar from Eb Vo Training:

Brian & Ebrina

These videos feature Brian and his superb Pilates coach, Ebrina, demonstrating some basic, simple but very effective exercises and we are delighted to announce that this series is now available for purchase at the introductory offer of just £14.95 ($19.58) via Vimeo.

As you will hear, Brian was so impressed by the way that his body responded to the exercises that he quickly realised that Ebrina shared the Easiest Swing ethos of providing easy information that had a very positive effect with very little effort and in no time at all. 

Click here to take a look at the Eb Vo Training website where you'll learn that Ebrina has her own style that combines Pilates and Yoga and you will see in these videos that she uses all her 20+ years of experience to help Brian focus entirely on exercises that are designed for him and other senior golfers. 

It is now widely believed that we live longer and can be more active in our later years when we are physically stronger and, of course, that can only be of great benefit to your golf. Add to this the fact that these exercises will also increase your flexibility and you will see just how powerful these videos can be for your body and your golf. These videos will form the first part of your bodies pension plan.

This series is designed, in particular, for those of you new to Pilates and it is our intention to follow it up with more progressive videos in the future when your appetite for the subject is established.

Click this link to purchase via Vimeo. 

Please contact us here with any questions either before you buy or with any comments or queries afterwards: brian@easiestswing.com

Email Issues
office@and admin@ 

Please accept our apologies for any convenience if you have recently sent messages to either admin@easiestswing.com or office@easiestswing.com and not received any response. We have only just discovered that they have not been functioning correctly and we have not been receiving any emails at all on these addresses for quite a while.

If you had tried to contact us on these emails in the past few weeks please resend us your message using brian@easiestswing.com until we have sorted this out and confirmed in another newsletter that all is now working properly. We are particularly keen to hear from you if you emailed us asking for information about any of our courses.

Upcoming Easiest Swing Courses 
In England, Mallorca and France:

Here are a few of the upcoming courses:

Julian Mellor has 1-Day Courses at Ardencote on Fridays 17th May (only 3 spaces left), 5th July, 9th August & 6th September. He also has 2-Day Courses on Thursday/Friday 2nd & 3rd May, 20th & 21st June, 25th & 26th July, 15th & 16th August and 19th & 20th September for golfers who want to spend a little longer with him. Click here for all the details.

Sean Herron is holding 1-Day Courses at Golf Park Mallorca - Puntiro on Sundays 5th & 12th May as well as 2-Day Courses on Saturdays/Sundays 26th & 27th April, 3rd & 4th May, 16th & 17th May & 26th & 27th May.  The costs are €250pp for the 1-Day Courses and €500pp for the 2-Day Courses and you will enjoy Sean's calm and expert way of putting you at ease and helping you to discover abilities you didn't even dream you had. Please email him at sean@easiestswing.com for further information and any queries. or follow this link to book your place.

Brian will be holding two 1-Day Courses with each of our new French coaches at their lovely venue, Le Domaine De Crecy near Paris in France, on the following dates:



Domaine De Crecy

There were originally 12 places available on each of these first Easiest Swing coaching courses in France. Today, there are 10 places left on the first date and 7 on the second one. As Brian will be assisted by a local coach they will all be valid for anyone without abilities in English. Brian still speaks pretty good French so these will be fine for you especially with the French coaches to translate when his memory lets him down.

The cost for these courses is €199 per person which includes coffee and pastries on arrival, a snack lunch and 6 hours of coaching. For more information or to book your place please email us here and let us know which of the above courses interest you: brian@easiestswing.com

Mike Deeley holds a Senior's group coaching session every Monday morning at The Shropshire GC from 9am - 10am for only £10pp. This represents great value and Mike is totally focused on the requirements of seniors whilst making the whole experience fun. Call Mike on
+44 7485 141451 or email him here to find out more or to book your place: mike@easiestswing.com.

Details will be announced later in the year about two half-day courses with Antony Morgan, another of our new coaches, at the Rhoon Golfcenter near Rotterdam in Holland. Please email us here if you'd like to know more about them: brian@easiestswing.com
Email Of The Month
From 63-year old American golfer, Bill Kellar, who emailed the following message yesterday:

Hey Brian, my name is Bill Kellar.  I am 63 years old and living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have played golf off and on for the last 30 years. Last summer, I joined Ballantyne Country Club here in Charlotte with the commitment to play golf more regularly on a consistent basis. I am a 16 handicap and have been a 16 for as long as I can remember.  My goal is to lower my handicap and I truly believe I can now that I have discovered the Easiest Swing. 
In an effort to improve my game I found myself on the internet a couple of weeks ago seeking answers. In my Google search I entered the words “easy swing for senior golfers” and a number of YouTube videos appeared in front of me. The one I watched first was a 5 minute video of you swinging the golf club with no vocals. Just you hitting shot after shot with a very easy, rhythmic, balanced swing. I watched it several times and then I watched every video I could find on Positive Impact Golf whether it was you or one of the other instructors. I knew at that moment this swing was going to be the swing I would attempt to emulate for the rest of my golfing life.
I went in the back yard with my 4 iron and began doing the “Danse du Golf” movement. Then I swung the club back and forth doing nothing but feeling the natural response of weight shift from back foot to front foot. My only thought was to stay as relaxed as possible with no tension. Just swing the club back and forth. For two days I did nothing but swing the golf club back and forth in the back yard. All the while trying to incorporate the 6 do’s and staying away from the 3 don’ts. Then I took it to the driving range with a real sense of purpose. Several easy practice swings each time before attempting to hit a ball. I had a 9 iron and almost immediately I could feel a difference in how the ball came off the club face. It was just a nice clicking sound. And I remember thinking, so this is what a nice golf shot is supposed to feel like. For once, I didn’t concern myself with the errant shots or the mishits. I knew it was going to take some time to develop consistency. And I also knew, that with practice I could make my new easy swing permanent.
I bought your book, Positive Impact Golf on Amazon and read it cover to cover.  I smiled when I read about one of the don’ts, keeping your head still. For years I thought this was the most important component of my golf swing. Whenever I hit a bad shot I was thinking that I need to focus on keeping my head still. I smiled when I read about moving the front foot. For years I have kept my feet anchored to the ground and taking only a half swing. Last summer I got a case of the shanks on the driving range and discovered if I put all my weight in my heels I would no longer hit shanks. So in essence, I was using a swing to avoid hitting the dreaded shank and not a swing that would actually help me improve my golf game. I smiled when I read about bending the left elbow. One of the primary reasons I only hit half swings was because I couldn’t keep my left arm straight beyond halfway. It kept me from making a full shoulder turn. I smiled when I read about why great athletes never get better at golf. Many years ago I played professional football and also was a very good basketball player in high school. Why could I not become any better than a 16 handicap golfer. I smiled when I read about all the mechanical swing thoughts I have prior to swinging the golf club. My mind cluttered with 20 thoughts before every swing. Yes, paralysis by analysis. The Easiest Swing/Positive Impact Golf has finally set me free. The other day I was at the range and noticed how balanced I felt on every shot. Everything you are teaching makes total sense to me. What an amazing revelation. 
I purchased an Original SwingRite trainer. I have it on an easy setting and I have been using it frequently throughout the day in the backyard. Every couple hours I will go out there and swing it 20-25 times. I like not having a ball and just feeling the golf swing. I am excited about the possibilities of playing better golf. I know it will come in time with more practice and patience. In the meantime, I am going to stay relaxed, shift my weight, find a nice rhythm and finish on balance with every shot. Thanks for showing me the way. 
Kindest regards 
Bill Kellar 

From Brian to Bill:

Many thanks, Bill, for allowing us to share your email with other golfers. I am sure that a lot of people will relate to your comments and benefit from them. 

I particularly like the way you started to embrace these new concepts, not by racing out to the range to blast a load of balls but rather taking time to discover the movement quietly in your back yard. Introducing new ideas to your body and mind takes time and I would strongly suggest to all golfers that your slower way is actually more effective and faster in the long run.

Once again, many thanks and wishing you lots of fun and enjoyment in your future golf


With best wishes to all our followers for some great times on the golf course this summer (or winter for those in the southern hemisphere) 

Brian Sparks and your team of Easiest Swing coaches
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