Important HD Radio™ Technology Update
To all stations engineers broadcasting with HD Radio™ Technology,
Due to a specific receiver issue with a major car receiver manufacturer, iBiquity Digital is asking all stations broadcasting with HD Radio Technology to update either your exporter configuration or your system software in one of the following ways.  * Please note that if you are already running the 4.4.7 software, you are good to go and nothing more needs to be done.

1.   Exporter Software Update:  If you are currently using an exporter software load other than 4.4.7, please update to the latest 4.4.7 software which is available on your manufacturer’s website.  Please be aware that you should also update the importer and exgine software at the same time.  If you are using Broadcast Electronics HD Radio equipment, please see the attached Tech Bulletin.

2.   Exporter Configuration Update:  If you do not want to do the above upgrade (although we highly recommend it), please go to your exporter and insert promotional text into the SIS fields listed below.  These fields are found in the Station Info area of the Exporter’s GUI.
  • Station Message
  • Station Slogan
If you do not want to add additional text, simply add 3 space characters in those fields and save the new configuration.

If you are not the Director of Engineering for a radio group, please forward this email to the DOE for distribution to all stations that are using HD Radio Technology.  If you know of other broadcasters in your area or group, please forward this email so that as many stations as possible can make these upgrades.

Thomas L Walker, CBT
iBiquity Digital Corp.
6711 Columbia Gateway Dr  Suite 500
Columbia, MD  21046
More than 16 million cars are now equipped with HD Radio Technology
... and remember, enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. 
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