Thank you for your consistent prayers, friendship, and interest in what God is doing in L'viv!

An overdue "Hello!"

Hello, everyone!  I'm sorry it's been so long since I've sent out an update!  It's been for good reason - we've been really busy over here in L'viv!  I've been designing new fliers, posters, banners, etc. for the church like crazy.  From new Saturday concerts, our English club schedule, setting up new websites, in addition to the normal weekly routine, God's been blessing me with all kinds of ways to work in the church here!


We just began a new ministry on Saturday nights called the Koinonia Christian Kafe.  It's an evangelistic, coffee + music + Word of God ministry.  I've been playing electric with the band and helping with sound.  God has opened new doors for relationships and some people have visited our church on Sunday from it.

Good Friends

Bill and Brett Goodrich just came by L'viv for a couple of days.  That was really encouraging for me.  That was after Diana Faulk and another team came from our home church, Horizon Indianapolis, just a few days earlier.  Diana and the team brought us some special American "goodies" (peanut butter, mac-n-cheese, etc.), which was also a big blessing!

A Little More Time...

Katya and I were originally planning to get married at the end of October, but, after going through some pre-marital counseling with Mike and Michelle (my pastor and his wife), we both feel like we were rushing things, and some things were just not practical.  We're going to take some more time to plan, pray, and prepare.

Andrew and the gang...

This is a picture of a lot of the kids that like to hang outside of my apartment complex.  I'm the one all the way on the right.  The guy next to me is Andrew, one of the "leaders of the pack" in the neighborhood.  I've gotten to talk to him and his friend Peter on several occasions about salvation, heart change, and the basis of morality.  Please pray for him, Peter, and the rest of the people I know in my neighborhood.  I would love to see some of them come to Koinonia, English club, or especially church.

Prayer Requests

  • For the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of the people at Koinonia
  • That Andrew and others in my neighborhood would come to church
  • For God to give me wisdom in how to fix my computer (having problems lately)
  • That God would bless me and Katya as we continue to seek Him together
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