skippyscage photography - 15 October 2018

Here's the second part of the update that I promised yesterday.

Left to right, click on the images to be directed to the gallery or use the link in the text below.

Chofu, Japan - updated February 2018

Iruma Air Base, Japan - updated February 2018

Hyakuri Air Base, Japan - updated February 2018

Manila, Philippines - updated February 2018

Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum, Simpang, Malaysia 

Centennial Airport, CO - updated June 2018

Rocky Mountain Metro Airport, CO - updated June 2018

Colorado Springs, CO - updated June 2018

Kubinka, ARMY2017 - updated August 2017

Ivanovo North Airbase, Open Sky 2017, Russian Federation

Sviatoshyn Airfield, Kiev, Ukraine

Poltava, Ukraine

National Aviation University, Kiev, Ukraine

Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

Off Airport, Ukraine


Gostomel Airport, Kiev, Ukraine

Rennes Saint-Jacques, France - scans

Astana, Kazakhstan - general photos

That's all for now, thanks for subscribing. paul

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