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Hi glowing light!

I've had quite the fun week after the retreat.
First I have to warn you I am still a bit hangover from all the light in last week's party. Hanging out with angels and spirit guides will do that to me.
I think I am finally coming back down. How about you, did you enjoy all of the gifts from last week? ;) (You totally got hooked up so don't loose that precious email sweet one).

My son who is such the little intuitive bundle, literally guided me (dragged me was more like it) down to a farm so I could get my feet in the mud.  I think he could tell mama wasn't feeling grounded yet.

I landed just long enough before I took flight again to give you this week's Fanny Pack Q&A all about your life purpose. Can you tell it was windy?

How can you know what your gifts are and what to focus on when there's so much to do ?

To help answer these life shifting questions, I made you some special bonuses in this week's video:
A block clearing invocation to help free you from a job or relationship that doesn't feel aligned with you life purpose...and a quiz! 11 questions to help you get clear on your next steps.

PS: I honestly wasn't expecting this to happen but... Yes.... you are officially invited to come on by Happy Soul School.
That's where I created the quiz for you and to make it all pretty and organized, it's become a module with an article, a video and a quiz!

The school definitely still has unwrapped boxes everywhere and pictures that still need hanging on the walls.
it definitely needs lots more sparkle and love but for now, I know it holds the premise of so much more.
It's already magical.
See for yourself.

Apparently there are goats and deers walking distance from our place in the French village where we have been nurturing our soul the past 8 months.  Living our life purpose can feel like the ebbs and flows of an ocean current. Sometimes it feels like we are right on it. And other times, when we have the least amount of control, and it feels like we are getting off track, can actually be a shortcut for later. Trust what life is bringing to you today. xo
This week is a special Q&A as you get a whole experience with it:

- an article, a video with an invocation/healing and a 12 journal prompts/quiz to help you get clear about your life purpose.

It's all at Happy Soul School. 

To protect your entry and to keep the content for your eyes only, you do need to register through the site. It's free and as soon as you log in, you'll have access to the life purpose module with the video and quiz.

Can't wait to see you there!



Wading Into The Deeper End Of My Intuition

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