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It's that time of year!!!!!  Please donate to the Castle Rock Historical Society and Museum on Colorado Gives Day - Dec. 6, 2016.

December's Presentation Program

Dec. 8, 2016
Refreshments at 6:45 pm, Presentation at 7:00 pm
Philip S. Miller Library
100 S. Wilcox St. Castle Rock, CO  80104

Please join us on Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016 for a presentation by Author Rhonda Beck about the history of Denver’s Union Station. She explores the history and stories behind one of the Mile High City’s most iconic historic landmarks.  In 1881 Denver’s Union Station opened as the largest structure west of the Mississippi.  The station welcomed people from all walks of life, from pioneers and miners to U.S. presidents and Buffalo Bill Cody – and even royalty from abroad.


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December's Calendar

  • Dec. 8, 2016  - Presentation by Author Rhonda Beck about her book on the history of Union Station in Denver.
  • Dec. 24th - The Museum will be closed.
  • Dec. 31st - The Museum will be closed.
Visit for more information on upcoming presentations and exhibits at the museum.

  • Jan. 12, 2017 - Presentation by Ed Weising who is a Colorado History speaker.  He will speak to us about Hoaxes and scams prevalent in the
    19th century.

History Corner

Castle Rock is a Constantly Growing Town

We close out the year thinking about how Castle Rock has changed over the past 150 years.  The town has always been evolving and growing.  At times it may have grown slower than at other times, but it always strived to keep up with the times.  Below are some of the milestones in Castle Rock's history taken from the book "Our Heritage - People of Douglas County" written by the Douglas County Historical Society.
     Let's start in 1872 when Silas Madge found rhyolite on his property and found out that it would be a great building stone. The rise in the quarries helped Castle Rock become a booming area. The town became the county seat in 1874 and in 1875 a train depot was erected for the Denver & Rio Grande Railway which is now the Castle Rock Museum.  By 1876 Castle Rock had a school house, a court house and about sixty stores and dwelling houses whereas, only two years earlier the only building on the town site was an old cabin belonging to J.M. Gould.  Then came a water works station around 1883.  Pipes carried water along East Plum Creek into a town ditch from a reservoir south of town (Lowell Ranch now). You can see a section of that pipe in the Castle Rock Museum.  In 1880 the population of the town was 88 and by 1881 the population had grown to 200.  Visitors could come to Castle Rock from Denver for a mere $1.65.  Most county picnics, sports events and concerts were held here.  In 1889 the beautiful rhyolite court house was built in the middle of town on court house square.  In July 1900, Castle Rock acquired a telephone exchange office and local phones began to grow in popularity. The first bank in town opened in 1902.  With the increasing modernization, it was only logical to install a modern lighting system in town. In June 1902 the Town Council voted to install 8 gas lights in the business district which brought about steps to improve lighting in the interior of buildings.  In 1904 the First National Bank of Douglas County building (now the Masonic lodge) and the Keystone Hotel/Cafe building (now Castle Cafe) were built out of rhyolite. The town had 741 people in 1950 and 1,154 in 1960. By 1970, the population was 2,078. Then in 1963, the fancy new highway (I-25) opened passage through Castle Rock and with it came an increase in traffic and people and of course a decrease in passenger trains. Today, Castle Rock has a population of over 50,000 people which means a lot more stop lights and Starbucks.  The town will keep growing, but hopefully it will always keep it's wonderful small town feel and you'll always run into someone you know at the grocery store.


Town of Castle Rock 1888 - 1890, before and after the court house was built.

Artifact of the Month - 

Victorian Christmas Stocking

This is a Victorian christmas stocking with a lithograph image printed on both sides.  The stocking came printed as a pattern on a piece of fabric.  People would cut it out and sew it together for a stocking.  The words printed on it are from a poem created by Emily Huntington Miller in the late 1800's which has been made into songs through the years.  The complete poem is:

Hang up the Baby's stocking
Be sure you don't forget!
The dear little dimpled darling,
She never saw Christmas yet!
But I've told her all about it,
And she opened her big blue eyes;
And I'm sure she understood it -
She looked so funny and wise.

Dear, what a tiny stocking!
It doesn't take much to hold
Such little pink toe's as baby's 
Away from the frost and the cold
But then, for the baby's Christmas,
It will never do at all,
Why! Santa wouldn't be looking 
For anything half so small.

I know what I will do for the baby.
I've thought of the very best plan.
I'll borrow a stocking of Grandma's, 
The longest that ever I can
and you'll hang it by mine, dear mother,
Right here in the corner so!
And leave a letter to Santa,
And fasten it in the toe.

Write-this is the baby's stocking,
That hangs in the corner here.
You never have seen her, Santa
For she only came this year
But she's just the blessed'st baby.
And now before you go,
Just cram her stocking with goodies,
From the top clean down to the tow!

The stocking can be viewed in our Christmas display at the Castle Rock Museum.  Come and check it out.

- The Election is over!

Congratulations to Bear for winning the Castle Rock Museum mascot election.  Next up is giving Bear a name - that will be coming soon.

-  Thank Yous

Thank you to 105 W Brewing Company for donating all of their tips for the month of October to the museum.  Thank you to everyone for giving all those tips.

The staff of both 105 W and the museum along with some of the CRHSM board members visited the brewery to accept the donation.
The new CRHSM president, Jerry Persall presented Lisette Clemons a thank you certificate for her wonderful presentation on the history of
Arlington National Cemetery and the Arlington Ladies.


Thank you to Kent Brandebery for holding down the fort while the staff all went to the bar - to receive the donation from 105 West Brewing company that is.

Thank you to Jim  & Barbara Allamian for making the cookies for the monthly meeting.  They were enjoyed by all.

-Museum Visitors

We started off the month with a visit from Renaissance Expedition School.  We gave them tours of the museum and downtown Castle Rock.

- THE 5 W's

Do you recognize this building?



Last Month's Photo

The First Douglas County Court House

324 Wilcox Street

This was the first Douglas County Court House which was originally located on the corner of 4th and Wilcox.  It was moved in 1926, so the brick building which is now the B & B Cafe could be built.  The court house was moved to the lot to the east where it sits today.  The courthouse had various uses after the new rhylolite court house was built in 1890 including housing the Douglas County Journal.

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The museum collects and recycles aluminum cans to raise money for matching grants. Bring those cans to the museum and use the green container next to the bathroom. Aluminum cans only please. Anything else will be removed by the recycling company. Help the environment and raise a little money for the museum.
Many thanks to those who have already contributed!

Castle Rock Historical Society Board

The Castle Rock Historical Society Board meets the first Monday of each month.  All Historical Society members are welcome to attend.

President - Jerry Persall
Vice President - Dorothy Kelly
Secretary -  Lynette McNairy
Treasurer - Jim Allamian 
Education - Guy Mordeaux
Asst. Sec. - Suzie Perry

Mission: The Castle Rock Historical Society operates the Castle Rock museum, celebrates, educates, and brings together people interested in the preservation of the heritage of the Castle Rock, Colorado area.
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