Thank you coupon!
Hello everyone!
Did you know that this is National Courtesy Month and that World Gratitude Day is celebrated on September 21st?

Thank you!
Every time you support A Little Hut you're allowing me to continue to work on new paper crafty goodness every week—something that  I really am passionate about.
I know I've said all this before but somehow these last few weeks have felt different. The new work that I'm creating every week has renewed my inspiration and passion for this art and craft. I wish I had more hands to work with because the ideas are really coming together faster than I can produce anything to show you.

For now I think that this is the perfect opportunity to launch my thankyou coupon. From now on every time you place an order over $9.98 at A Little Hut you will receive the newest file—whatever that may, be for FREE (this week it's the Aster Flower Box!). 

How will the coupon work?
- Add items that total $9.98 or more to your shopping cart.
- Add the free file (it will be announced on here on my blog, my newsletter and Facebook).
- Click on the GRAY Shopping Cart link and add the coupon code thankyou (make sure it's all in lower case). You'll see your cart amount updated. 
- Check out and you're done!

If you've used my coupons before you'll know exactly what to do. I hope that you continue to enjoy my projects and as always if you have any suggestions feel free to post them here (some of you have already provided some ideas that are on my to-do list so hang in there!).

And thank you to those of you that have been voting for me on American Made! I really appreciate it! 

Have a great week!
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