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The Great Plains Trail?

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It's hard to break new ground in the world of long distance hiking. The country's great mountain ranges are already well-traveled: home to famous, established trails like the AT, the CDT, and the PCT. But at least one stretch of the American landscape remains untouched by hiking boots: the Great Plains. 

For now, that is: the Great Plains Trail Alliance, a group of hikers and bikers from Northern Colorado, has its sights set on the amber waves of grain. The organization hopes to establish a 1,500-mile trail through the plains -- one that will stretch from Canada to Mexico. 

As currently envisioned, the trail would follow trails and country roads through Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, and New Mexico, starting in Canada's Grasslands National Park and ending in Texas' Guadalupe Mountain National Park. A full description of the route is available online. 

Only one section of the GPT has been established so far: a moderate 22-mile stretch between Nebraska's Toadstool Geologic Park and Fort Robinson State Park. A full description of the route, complete with a downloadable GPS map, is available online

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