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This issue examines the way CEPAR can help Australia navigate the twin challenges of population ageing: demographic shift over time and increasing longevity. My Hancock Lecture addresses sustainable retirement income policy with an ageing demographic. Hal Kendig, an expert in Aged Care policy, has recently presented at several venues on recent reforms in aged care policy. In this issue, both these are addressed more fully.


CEPAR Profile

We meet actuary  and CEPAR affiliated PhD student Bridget Browne from ANU. 


Towards policy impact: Aged care

Professor Hal Kendig addressed the National Aged Care Alliance earlier this month with a presentation entitled "Direction-setting for Living Longer, Living Better reforms". Outlining the history, progress and lessons of past reforms in the aged care sector, Professor Kendig highlights the key challenge as delivering quality aged care. 

Professor Kendig's presentation focussed on how to move beyond the centralised aged care programs which, while valuable in their day, the modern aged care system needs to move beyond.

He highlighted that the economic implications of the impending increase in the number of older Australians and an improved standard of care will require serious economic consideration and planning. If more contributions are not sought from those who can afford it, rationing will disadvantage those most in need. Ultimately, Professor Kendig argues, we are aiming for quality as defined by what older people want, delivered via a whole of government approach with regional centres of care and support. 

Professor Kendig also responded to the Coalition's Health policy launch in the lead up to the September 7 election, noting "the absence of an integrated health and ageing policy". READ IN FULL 

National Aged Care Alliance presentation 

2013 Keith Hancock lecture: Prof John Piggott

When John Piggott was invited to deliver the Academy of Social Science Aaustralia 2013 Keith Hancock Lecture, he immediately thought of retirement income design as a topic.

Back in the 70's, Keith Hancock was commissioned to investigate the introduction of a PAYG system of retirement social security for Australia (which, atypically, had only a flat rate means-tested pension and voluntary superannuation). So the topic is especially appropriate.

Delivered at UNSW on Monday 2 September 2013, the lecture will be repeated to an anticipated full house at the ANU on Thursday 5 September 2013. It will be available online in the coming weeks. 


Featured Research

CEPAR alumnus Ramona Meyricke co-authored this paper along with Chief Investigator Professor Michael Sherris. Entitled The determinants of mortality heterogeneity and implications for pricing annuities this research provides greater insight into the risk faced by insurers through a one size fits all annuity pricing structure.


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