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Centre Director's Message

Bringing together disciplines to provide a more holistic approach has the potential to yield greater insight into issues that policymakers and the market are trying to address. As our research efforts get increasingly collaborative, we look forward to welcoming a new field of research. This issue looks at our latest efforts to bring this about. It also highlights an area of ageing policy that seems to be emerging across disciplines - the Age Friendly City - and profiles opportunities for our next generation of researchers. 


Hancock lecture available

Following the tremendous response to John's presentation at the 2013 Keith Hancock lecture, the full video is now available. You can also view the presentation slides, which provide a compelling illustration of the story of Australia's retirement income system

Age Friendly Cities

The impact of the ageing population will be felt across many aspects of our society.  How will our cities fare? Next week, Dr Alexander Kalache will present a public talk entitled The Longevity Revolution: Are societies prepared? to examine this question.

Preparing our cities for the 'longevity revolution' has emerged as a topic of much consideration among researchers in the area of ageing including our own CEPAR researchers.
Hal Kendig and Kerry Sargent-Cox recently presented at the
Canberra and Age Friendly Cities? Forum 

Public transport, public spaces, businesses will all be impacted by a population that needs access to services readily.

The ageing and urbanisation of populations across the world will need to be planned and funded and will require thought and input across the private and public sectors. 

CEPAR is proud to continue its support of the Age-Friendly Cities Initiative with its sponsorship of the Australian Age-Friendly Cities and Communities Conference which will be held in Canberra this week.  

As part of the 1st International CEPAR conference in July, we were fortunate to have John Beard from the World Health Organisation's Department of Ageing and Life Course present on the topic as part of our Industry Forum. 

Register for Dr Kalache's talk here

See John Beard or Hal Kendig's presentation here

Early career researcher opportunities

CEPAR will host  two eminent international academics in December this year: Professor Carol Jagger from Newcastle University and Professor Jean-Marie Robine from INSERM, France. 

Presenting as part of an ECR workshop to be held from 10-12 December at ANU, the professors will also host individual distinguished lectures in their areas of expertise. CEPAR Director, John Piggott, highlighted these visits as important opportunities for researchers in the ageing field, as well as for the issue itself.

"The data being examined at this workshop and the skills and methodologies being explored will be useful for researchers from a variety of disciplines in the area of ageing."

Featured Research
To love or to pay: savings and health care in older age.

In this paper, Loretti Dobrescu develops a dynamic structural life-cycle model to study how heterogeneous health and medical spending shocks affect the savings behavior of the elderly.


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Staff Profile

We meet one of our new ANU research fellows, Dr Cathy Gong whose research areas include healthy and productive ageing and labour market and retirement choices amongst other things. 


Upcoming events 

Professor Ermanno Pitacco Public Lecture
8 October, UNSW

Australian Age-Friendly Cities and Communities Conference
9 October, Canberra

Dr Alexander Kalache Public Lecture
9 and 10 October, Canberra

Emerging Researchers in Ageing Conference
25 - 26 November 2013
University of Sydney


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