Wesley talks about his life here in Germany!
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Keep Jeff & Carrie in Germany, Week 3: Wesley in Germany
Wesley in Germany
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This is our 4th week coming to you on location from Germany.
Today we wanted to spotlight our son, Wesley, just to give you a glimpse into his life. He attends The Black Forest Academy Middle School where many of the students are children of missionaries. One of his friends speaks Russian, another Korean, and another is teaching himself Japanese. There are only 70 kids in the whole school.

Wesley is enjoying his Bible class and, right now, they are learning about the book of Judges. Wesley's Math teacher is from China. We discovered a funny connection. She is from Chengdu, the same city that Carrie taught English in 18 years ago.
The middle school is located in a little town a couple of miles north of us called Sitzenkirch. The buildings all around the school date back hundreds of years and right above the school are castle ruins originally built in the 1200's. Even still, the school campus is surrounded by cow pastures.
Seventy-Two Bite Challenge Update
This week we had 5 more bites taken. What a blessing! Thank you to each of you that took those bites! If you're already giving, we're so grateful for you and your part on this team!

If you are able, please consider taking a bite or two and joining our team of Armor-Bearers. We have 6 weeks left to reach our goal, so that we can stay here in Germany. We came here on a short-term budget so in order to stay long-term we need a long-termer’s budget.
<<Greeting>>, please consider taking a $25/month bite. There are two ways to give: online or via EFT through the mail. We pay a small fee for online gifts, but EFT is almost free for us. If you can, please consider taking four or more bites! Every bite counts! Also, don’t forget we still need special gifts to cover the rest of our “move-in” expenses, such as Jeff's language school and long termer's insurance. Please help with this by giving online at the same site.
Lastly, please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested in missions. From Germany, we have no way to meet new people unless you introduce us to them.
Thanks for watching!
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