Carrie's on location at the refugee center...
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Keep the Gages in Germany, Week 2! 
Hello Again!

Carrie's doing some awesome things and forging a new ministry to the political refugees coming to Germany... 
The Lord has opened a huge open door for me to serve at the new Refuge Center here in Southwest Germany. There are people here from Syria, Bosnia, Kosovo, and other places. The international refugee problem has arrived in Germany!

For now, my role is simply to come and spend time with the children. I've met an amazing girl from Kosovo. She ran up to me and gave me a hug. She said, "I'm so happy you speak English." The refugees here don't know German, but if they do know a second language, it is English. So it is with complete joy that I get to serve in this German refugee center by speaking English. Only the Lord could have set that up. Of course, we are all learning German together. One teenager girl I spoke with told me she only wanted to improve her English and not learn German. I very strongly encouraged her to learn German if she wanted to make a life for herself here. I've learned how important it is to learn German, but I'm so thankful English is spoken all over the world!
This is week two of our "Keep the Gages in Germany" campaign. We received word about one more bite taken this past week. That means two of the 72 have been taken. We believe other bites have been taken, but we haven't found out about them yet. Sometimes it takes a week or two for us to find out, so if you've already taken a bite, reply and let us know. If you haven't, what are you waiting for? :-)
Take a Bite!