Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Get those pitches ready...

ONI Press Opening Submissions to New Creators in May

The Portland-based comics publisher of Scott Pilgrim, Letter 44, and The Sixth Gun is looking for new talent this spring!
Is your read pile getting way too big?

Take the #100comics Challenge

Readers and pros alike are challenging themselves to read 100 comics in just one week, and posting their progress on Twitter using hashtag #100comics. Are you in? 
Are you playing it way too safe? [ComixTribe Content]

We Should All Fail More

A #makecomics pep talk that encourages creators to get out of their comfort zones and take more shots.
Time to get creative about cutting costs?

Calculate What it Would Cost to Get All of Your TV Online

An awesome interactive calculator that lets you price "cutting the cord" of cable, freeing up funds for more important stuff...like creating comics!

Hey, What the Heck is a CreatorBlast?

Hello, creators!

Tyler James, publisher of ComixTribe here. From the beginning, ComixTribe has been an online resource for comics creators with the mission statement "creators helping creators make better comics."

To that end, starting today, we will be sending out a weekly email with a curated selection of 3-5 links, news items, and stories from around the interwebs that we think are highly relevant to comic creators. It's the ComixTribe CreatorBlast. Look for it in your inbox every Tuesday.

Got a #makecomics link you think creators need to know about?

Tweet us @ComixTribe and use the hashtag #CreatorBlast or email me with your tip at tyler.james@comixtribe.com and we'll consider it for a future blast.




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