Create a Custom Communicator Toolbar!

Are there certain functions in Communicator that you find yourself using constantly?  Whether it's speed-dialing a certain number or popping open your web browser to a particular site, you can use this month's tip to have your administrator assign those functions as custom buttons on your Communicator toolbar!  Administrators can even create standard toolbars which can be assigned to a specific user group.

To create custom Communicator toolbars as an Administrator:
For an Individual User -
1.       In Shoreware Director, select Administration > UsersIndividual Users
2.       Choose the person for whom you'd like to manage the toolbar
 3.       Click the Personal Options tab
4.       Select the Program Communicator Toolbars link
5.       Click New and enter a name for the toolbar
6.       Use the drop-downs to assign the desired buttons, then hit the Save button

For a Group -
1.       In Shoreware Director, select Administration > Communicator > Global Toolbars
2.       Click New and enter a name for the toolbar
3.       Use the drop-downs to assign the desired buttons, then hit the Save button
4.       Navigate  to Administration > Users > User Groups
5.       Select the user group for whom  you'd like to assign the toolbar
6.       Choose the correct toolbar from the Toolbar 1, Toolbar 2, and Toolbar 3 drop-down menus and click the Save button

Note: If the toolbar does not appear in the user's application, they should select View and make sure the correct toolbar is checked

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Need more features? Upgrade your Communicator access!

ShoreTel offers multiple tiers of Communicator access above the standard Personal level that are tailored to the unique needs of your business and role.  Professional access provides advanced features, such as IM and personal call handling, Workgroup Supervisor allows monitoring of agent and queue activity, and Mobile give you all the on-the-go features you might need.  Use this handy comparison chart (PDF) to compare the different access levels side by side, or contact Select Telecom for more information about integrated applications. 

View more information about ShoreTel products on Select Telecom's ShoreTel page.