Dial In to Change Your Greeting

With so much going on this time of year, it can be easy to forget the little things, like setting your out of office greeting before you head home for the holidays.  Never fear!  ShoreTel allows you to call in from wherever you may be and switch on an alternate greeting in just a few simple steps.

To Change Your Greeting From Outside the Office:
Note: Admins can follow the same steps to change the main company greeting.
1.    Call your office's main number
2.    When you hear the greeting, press # + Your Extension
3.    Enter your Password followed by #
4.    Once in your voice mail, press 7 for Mailbox Options
5.    Press 2 to set the Call Handling Mode (Standard, In a Meeting, Out of Office, Extended Absence, Custom)

Having trouble?  Don't hesitate to contact us! (914) 761-1313 or support@select-tele.com.

Keep Your ShoreTel Up-to-Date with a Maintenance Plan

Do you find yourself calling in with system programming questions on a regular basis?  If so, you may want to consider a Maintenance Plan.  Under a Maintenance Plan, you can get unlimited remote assistance without paying the helpdesk charge, and you are also covered for the labor on any on-site maintenance or system updates needed.  Contact Select Telecom for more information about a Maintenance Plan.

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