Ring Your Desk & Mobile Phones Simultaneously

Don't waste time sitting at your desk waiting for the phone to ring!  Instead, configure your system to ring both your cell phone and your desk phone and never miss a call while you're out and about.  As an added benefit, this configuration will also enable you to seamlessly transfer calls between your desk and mobile phones.  You'll never have to cut your conversation short again! 

To ring multiple phones simultaneously & transfer calls between them:
1.       In ShoreTel Communicator, open the Tools menu and select Options
2.       Select Additional Phones
3.       Add the number you'd like to ring simultaneously and be able to transfer calls to (e.g., your cell phone) and configure the available options as desired.  Note that you may need to include "9+" before the number (ex. 9+1-914-761-1313)
4.       All of the numbers you entered under Additional Phones should now ring whenever you receive a call.  To transfer an active call to another phone, simply press the Move softkey on your desk phone's screen

Having trouble?  Don't hesitate to contact us! (914) 761-1313 or support@select-tele.com.

Integrate with ACT!, Dynamics CRM & Salesforce.com

ShoreTel offers a suite of applications which are designed to integrate wtih software you're already using, such as ACT!, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Salesforce.com.  In addition, ShoreTel has created specialized applications including Call Router, Contact Center Agent Dashboard, Emergency Notification and more!  For an up-to-date list of available integrated and specialized applications, visit Shoretel's Applications Page.  Contact Select Telecom for more information about integrated applications.

View more information about ShoreTel products on Select Telecom's ShoreTel page.