Options for Sending Calls to Voicemail

When things get busy, sometimes you just don't have the time to take all of the calls you receive.  Whether you need to ignore all calls for an extended period or just the one that just started ringing, your ShoreTel system can help you manage your communication more efficiently.

To Send a Call to Voicemail:
1.    While the call is ringing:
        a.    In Call Manager, Click the To VM button on the toolbar
        b.    On your IP Phone, click the To Voicemail button
2.    To send all calls to voicemail (without ringing) for an extended period:
        a.   In Call Manager, select Tools > Options
        b.   Choose a Call Handling Mode to configure (In a Meeting, Out of Office, etc.)
        c.    If desired, record a greeting to personalize the message 
        d.   Under Forward Calls, select the Always option to prevent ringing
        e.   Click the Apply button, then choose OK
        f.    When you are ready to turn on the Call Handling Mode you just configured, select it through Call Manager's drop down menu (which says Standard by default), or by using the Mode button on your phone.

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