Set the Time/Date on All Phones

It's been two weeks since we set the clocks back, but did you remember to reset the time on your ShoreTel phone?  If your office's phones are still showing the wrong time, Administrators can use this month's tip to get them all up to speed at once!

To Set the Time/Date on Your ShoreTel Phone (Administrators Only):
Note: These steps will cause all current calls to be dropped, so it's best to do this after hours.
1.    On the Shoretel Server Desktop, open the Custom Time & Date Files folder.
2.    Copy all files from this folder
3.    Paste the copied files into this route: My Computer > C Drive > Inetpub > Ftproot.
3.    When prompted if you want to replace, choose Yes to All.
4.    After custom files are pasted into the FTProot folder, you must reboot all phones:
       a. Click on Quick Look.
       b. Select a Site (Headquarters, or any remote site).
       c. Select your Shoretel Box (220/90/50 or 30).
       d. Click IP Phones Maintenance.
       e. Check all phones by clicking the Check Box on the left hand side.
       e. Click the Execute button at the top right to reset.

Having trouble?  Don't hesitate to contact us! (914) 761-1313 or

Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

If quality service is important to your company, it’s absolutely imperative for your office to have a Disaster Recovery Plan.  A Disaster Recovery Plan provides your company with continuity in the face of equipment and service failures caused by emergencies and other factors outside of your control.  You can roll calls to another line or location, switch internet to failover bandwidth, and ensure that a backup of your essential data is always on hand.  Contact Select Telecom for more information about creating a disaster recovery plan for your ShoreTel system.

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