Maximize Security with Strong Passwords

Administrators, have you ever considered how many users on your ShoreTel  system are using weak voicemail and login passwords like "1234" that are never updated?  Easily guessed passwords put senstive corporate information at risk by making it easy for hackers to break into user accounts.  Protect your company against malicious intent by enforcing stronger passwords system-wide!

To enforce stronger password requirements as a System Administrator:
1.       Increase minimum password length:
          a. In ShoreWare Director, select Administration > System ParametersOther
          b. Under Passwords, change the setting for “Min Voice Mail Password Length” as desired
          c. Under Passwords, change the setting for “Min Client Password Length” (for Call Manager login) as desired
          d. Click the Save button
2.       Force employees to change passwords more often:
          a. In ShoreWare Director, select Administration > UsersClass of Service
          b. Under Voice Mail Permissions, select one of the categories (e.g., “Large Mail Box”)
          c. Make sure that the “Lifespan of Voicemail Password” box is checked 
          d. If desired, modify the number of days setting next to "Lifespan of Voicemail Password"
          e. If needed, modify the “Days in Advance of Password Expiration Before Warning” setting to change when users will be notified that their password is about to expire
          f. Click the Save button and repeat for remaining categories under Voice Mail Permissions

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Securely Manage Remote Workers with VPN Concentrator

Don't forget about remote workers when revamping your system security.  The ShoreTel VPN Concentrator connects remote IP phones to the rest of the system, and enables your IT team to implement a secure and flexible remote work policy. By connecting a ShoreTel IP phone to a broadband router, remote users can establish a secure tunnel to the ShoreTel VPN Concentrator which enables their phone to behave as though it was located right in the office.  Contact Select Telecom for more information about VPN Concentrator.

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