Dock Call Manager On Your Screen

We're all juggling a lot these days and the number of open windows on your computer desktop probably attests to that fact.  With limited real estate on your computer screen, managing all those applications becomes a task in itself!  If you could use one less application to position, take advantage of ShoreTel's docking feature to lock the Call Manager application to the top, left, right, or bottom side of your screen.  It will stay fixed in place with all the essential tools visible, and you'll never have to fiddle with it again - there's one task knocked off your list!

To Dock Call Manager:
1.    In Call Manager, select View from the menu bar
2.    From the bottom of the View menu, select one of the Docked options
3.    To return to normal view,
        a.     Right-click on the ShoreTel icon on the top left of screen and click View > Normal

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Improved Technical Assistance

ShoreTel recently announced some significant improvements to their technical assistance customer experience.  First, the Technical Assistance Center now has a Call Me feature which will call you back when a representative is available, instead of having to wait on hold.  Also, the new Troubleshooting Reference Guides provide all the steps you need to work through common problems without having to call for technical assistance at all!  And don't forget - you can always contact Select Telecom directly with any technical question you may encounter.

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