Create an Escalation Profile

Time is money, and smart companies know that one of the best ways to keep their customers happy is by respecting their time with responsive customer service.  If a client leaves a message asking for help, the last thing you want is for them to wait days and hours for a response.  Make sure your customers are getting the service they deserve by creating escalation profiles that alert colleagues and managers when a customer message goes unanswered for too long!

To Create an Escalation Profile as an Administrator:
1.    In ShoreTel Director, select Administration > Users > Individual User
2.    Choose a person, the click Personal Options
3.    Click Escalation Profiles
4.    Choose Escalate for Each New Message
5.    Select New Escalation Profile
6.    Enter options to create an escalation profile:
       a.    Enter a Name for the profile
       b.    Enter a Repeat Count (0-200) for how many times to loop the notifications
       c.    Enter the minutes to Timeout (0-3600) between notification steps
       d.    Check the Urgent Only to ONLY enable this sequence for urgent messages
       e.    Choose to be notified by Phone, Email or Page and enter the required info
7.    Once your profile is inputted, click Save at the top of the page.
8.    Apply the profile you just created to the appropriate person's Call Handling Mode
       a.    From the Individual User menu, choose a person
       b.    Click Personal Options
       c.    Scroll to Edit Call Handling Modes and select the appropriate mode
       d.    Choose the Escalation Profile to apply
       e.    Click Save at the top of the screen

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Alert When Calls are in the Queue

ShoreTel's Contact Center Group Alert Service allows you to hook into the real-time group activity feed in Contact Center to setup alerts when customers are in the queue.  You can create a service to call particular individuals when customers are on hold, or even setup a flashing beacon that continuously lets your customer service representatives know how many calls are in the queue!  Contact Select Telecom to learn more about Contact Center's Group Alert Service.

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