Setting Up Alternate Greetings

ShoreTel allows you to create up to 5 alternate voicemail greetings which you can select depending on whether you're away from your desk, in a meeting, out of the office, on an extended absence, or need a custom message.  Follow these simple steps to create and assign your alternate greetings:

To Setup Alternate Greetings:
1.       In Communicator (on older versions, Communicator was known as Call Manager), select the Tools menu and choose Options
2.       On the left side of the Options & Preferences window, you should see an option for Call Handling Mode with a list of 5 greetings (Standard, In a Meeting, Out of Office, Extended Absence, Custom).  Select the greeting you'd like to customize
3.       Select Record Greeting to record your greeting, then configure any other options needed
4.       When you are finished recording, the system automatically links your new greeting to your phone.  To turn on one of your greetings, on your phone press the Mode button to change the Call Handling Mode, then press OK to confirm
5.       Left for vacation and realized you forgot to turn on your greeting?  No problem!  Just call to login to your mailbox, then press 7, 2 and follow the prompts to put the phone in the correct mode

Having trouble?  Don't hesitate to contact us! (914) 761-1313 or

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