Add Video to Internal Calls

Your cat is sick, but you don't want to miss the big meeting today.  What to do?  ShoreTel has the solution - simply get one of your colleagues to call you from the office and log in with video to attend virtually!  In fact, you can add video to any call on your internal ShoreTel system, as long as the following conditions are met:

- Both you and the recipient have a video camera.
- Both you and the recipient have authorization from your system administrator.
- The recipient is part of the ShoreTel system.
- The recipient does not have the "Never Accept Video Requests from Others" option selected.

To Add Video to Your Internal Call:
1.    In Communicator, view the in the Active Call area
2.    Click the Add Video icon associated with the call to which you want to add video 

2.    Right-click on the call, and choose Add Video from the pop-up menu
2.    Select the call, and click Add Video on the Call toolbar

Having trouble?  Don't hesitate to contact us! (914) 761-1313 or

ShoreTel Mobility Router

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