One-Click Call Transfer Without Answering

Sometimes a call comes in and you know who the caller needs to speak to and that person isn't you.  Next time this happens, save yourself a step and transfer that call to the appropriate extension without ever having to pick up the phone!

To Transfer a Call Without Answering:
1.    On your phone:
        a.    While phone is ringing, DO NOT pick up the handset
        b.    Press the Transfer button on the phone
        c.    Dial the extension number, then press the Transfer button on the screen
 2.    In Call Manager:
        a.    In the active call area, click the icon for Transfer to the right side of the call
        b.    Type the extension number, then click the Transfer button again

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ShoreTel Communicator for Mobile

Want 24/7 access to your office communication tools?  With ShoreTel Communicator for iPhone and Blackberry, you can use your mobile device to manage your ShoreTel voicemail, change extension assignment or call handling modes, and dial contacts directly from your phone’s contact list.  Contact Select Telecom for more information about ShoreTel Communicator.

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