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Summer STEM Travels

With undergraduate engineering students focused on their summer experiences off campus, Aboriginal Access to Engineering is using the season to reach out to communities in Ontario, Quebec and New York State.  Our summer outreach program, funded through the PromoScience initiative of NSERC, is travelling to communities and festivals to bring culturally-related STEM activities and information directly to Aboriginal youth and their families. Look for a big red tent at a pow-wow near you!  Education is a journey that lasts a lifetime... please continue to share this information with any contacts you may know who are interested in STEM education among Aboriginal youth and engineering as a future career choice. You may also follow us on facebook or through twitter.

Engineering Outreach to go!

Melanie and Gillian continue their travels on the Pow-Wow trail, visiting a wide range of Aboriginal cultural festivals and engaging kids with interactive design activities based on traditional stories.  Having visited Ottawa, Sarnia, Muncey, and Kahnawake in the past month, they look forward to meeting with youth in Seneca Nation NY, Six Nations, Wikwemikong, Tyendinaga, Golden Lake and Rama before summer's end. Drop by to see replica models of ancestral engineering and try your hand at some traditional engineering trivia under the red tents.

For Parents and Teachers

Looking for things to do this summer?
School has only been out for a few weeks, but already the strains of "I'm boooored" can be heard through your house.  What to do, what to do?  Check out some of the activities proposed by Design Squad Nation!  A fun site for parents and educators to engage kids with hands-on engineering activities.  When you follow the engineering design process of think, build, test, evaluate and redesign, some of these projects can take hours or even days to finish - but are sure to hold your budding engineer's interest all the while.  Camp counselors might also want to give this  site a look! Design Squad Nation

Teaching design for change

An interesting TED talk on the power of design education for change.  While Emily Pilloton is speaking of her experiences in rural America, many of the statements she makes could also apply to First Nations communities. Take a listen to hear what a teaching change made to learning in Bertie County, NC. "What design does is it makes the youth the biggest asset and the biggest untapped resource in imagining the future."  Teaching design for change.

Early Move-In Day

The incoming class of 2017 will be on campus before we know it!  All first-year Aboriginal students coming to stay in Queen's residences for this upcoming academic year have been invited to participate in Early Move-In Day, coordinated by the Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre. Early Move-In is a chance for students to arrive on campus and get settled in their new home one day ahead of the campus-wide rush, and has been highly appreciated by past participants.  If you are an incoming student and missed the opportunity to sign up, please contact Vanessa at four Directions as soon as possible to let her know you are on your way!

For Students

Youth - Elementary

Mech for Kids

There's a lot going on in this picture!  Mechanical engineering isn't just about building cars.  Check out UBCs Mech for Kids page to read and discover more about what mechanical engineers do.  They're all over!

Youth - High School

Math is cool

Yes it's summer.  No we don't expect you to *do* math.  But you can check out these videos, that prove that math is in fact pretty cool...8 videos for you to check out, from infinity to graphing Valentine's Day.


Engineering outside the design box

For those of you currently enrolled in or thinking about engineering programs, there is one word you have likely encoutered a LOT....DESIGN.  But an engineering education doesn't necessarily mean you must stay in design.  Here's an interesting look at how three engineers used their training towards careers outside the design box.  
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