Big leaps on canvas and in the studio...

Be brave.  Be bold.  Believe you can do it!  These are the mantras I keep telling myself as I create in the studio and work to grow my business.  Part of growing, as an artist and as a business owner, is knowing when to change, and when to stay the same.  (And when to paint over something completely!) To be able to recognize what works and what is holding you back.  To be open to change and willing to take chances.

So, with that in mind, I am diving into a new project in my studio: I am condensing the gallery/display space and expanding work and storage area for painting classes.  It's going to be a big project, building work spaces and shelving in a large section of the studio.  I was inspired by the space where my mother is taking classes - a space where, when you walked in, all you wanted to do was pick up a brush and start painting!  

My goal is to have the classroom space built out within the next two weeks.  I will be offering painting classes two days a week for all skill levels.  I will also be offering a special class just for Advanced Teens.

I'm looking forward to also hosting some very talented local artists in the studio for demonstrations and lectures in the next few weeks. One will be Matt Lewis, who has been working on a large sculpture of a female nude in the studio, who will be demonstrating his mold-making technique.  

The studio is a more than just a place to paint, and it's true potential to inspire creativity is truly realized when it is filled with talented artists creating, exploring and encouraging each other.

Happy Creating,

And because we have this extra day in February...let's use it for a print sale!  All small prints are only $12 through February 29th.  

Figure Drawing Open Studio

Our Wednesday Evening open figure drawing studio continues to bring together an eclectic group of talented artists every week.

Studio opens at 7:10.  Cost is $12.00 per artist, $10.00 for students, or $40 for four consecutive sessions.

Recently finished...

Woman gazing at a Koi pond.  I started this painting two years ago in watercolor, and finally decided to resolve my color issues by painting over it in oil.  I love the environment, the light, her drapery.

Mardi gras on main

Friday Night Live on Main Street in Woodstock is back this Friday night!  Come by Ann Litrel Art and Studio 81 Portrait and Fine Art from 6-9 PM on Friday March 2nd.  A great opportunity to take a peek at Matt's sculpture and some of my newest paintings.