From Wisconsin, to New York, to Virginia, to Austin, to Zimbabwe....
Greetings from my lair!
Apologies for the silence on the newsletter front--I've been hard at work on a film score and a couple of exciting residencies, which I've written more about below.  If you feel a Todd-shaped hole in your inbox and concert-going life in between newsletters (though I am hoping to make these more frequent through the coming months), you can always stay up to date with what I'm up to by following me on Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, my Blog, and/or friending me on Facebook.  Scroll down to see details about upcoming appearances in Connecticut, Zimbabwe(!!!!), NYC, Brooklyn, Florida, and Austin.  I hope this note finds you well (and warm), see you at the next performance!
Vicky Chow and Todd Reynolds at the Guggenheim

Music of Neil Rolnick @ The Stone

10PM August 19th at The Stone sees a celebration of Neil Rolnick's Violin and Piano music.  On the docket are Fiddle Faddle, a piece Neil wrote for Todd years ago,  Vicky playing Digits, the duo playing Hammer and Hair (Neil's Piano/Violin Sonata), and a performance by Neil himself.  The Stone is a cash only venue with affordable prices for live music, the proceeds of which go completely to the performers - a fantastic place to support live music! 

Rite of Summer on Governor's Island - Labor Day! 

Shows at 1pm and 3pm - We've put together a band you might not expect, but one that you'll love.  Featuring the music of Jordan Tice and Jonny Rodgers, and featuring the stunning percussion wizardry of Mathias Kunzli, the music of this band lands squarely where pop, newgrass, jazz and minimalism swirl.  The perfect gig for the whole family where the price is right, $0, AND includes a free ferry ride to get there! Looking very much forward to this spectacular lawn date.  
In and Around C

Last Day of In and Around C

7pm  Gallery One Twenty Eight- 128 Rivington between Essex & Norfolk Street, New York, NY 10002  Suggested Donation $10  

Typical Music (Ashley Bathgate, Vicky Chow and Todd Reynolds) is pleased to join percussionist Owen Weaver for one of the final performances of In and Around C.  Rather than try to explain it here, you can see the New York Times Review or read Gabe Taubman's description of his Installation Art component of the project which continuously runs between live performances.  Imagine people as notes on a floor or wall staff, 'frameworks' designed by composers as roadmaps, and YOU as the content generator.  Not clear enough, lol?  Visit that Times article, it'll get you there.  
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