How to Host a Livestream Simulcast

Meetup Organizers and Lean Startup friends,

Thanks for your interest in hosting a livestream simulcast of The Lean Startup Conference, December 3, 2012, 9:00am - 6:00pm PST. The livestream will be available free to community groups around the world, as long as you have at least 10 people gathered and a wired internet connection to receive the video. It will not be available to individuals. To sign up for a livestream simulcast, please fill out this short form and submit it no later than October 19.

This year, we will provide the following for hosts: list your event on our conference site starting this week; promote your event before the conference (via Twitter and blog posts); and give you the livestream password. In order to participate, you--as an organizer--must: 1) use Eventbrite to register your attendees; 2) create a Gmail account for us that you use to add us as an organizer of your event (that is, we need to be able to log in to your event with that Gmail account), and 3) send us the Gmail password. The Gmail account can be anything, but we recommend something like Note that it is up to you whether and how much you charge your attendees.

Why this weird system? The one thing we want in exchange for providing you with the free livestream are the email addresses of your attendees, so that we can let them know about our next conference. In past years, we tried various systems to exchange the livestream password for your registration lists, and these systems failed spectacularly. This year, we considered a range of options and decided that this one, while a little odd, was the least complex and least invasive for you. We hope you find it relatively straightforward.
We know some of you are interested in showing video from the conference on a time-delayed basis (because, for example, the conference occurs in the middle of the night in your time zone). We're working on the logistics and will keep you posted on technical details about the video stream as we get closer to the conference. Some of you are understandably anxious to get that information, but we don't have it yet. If you could be patient and not ask us repeatedly, we'd really appreciate that. We will share the information the minute we have it.



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