New dangers in Albany require your phone call! 

Assisted suicide is a dire threat in the New York State right NOW. Multiple bills in the Assembly and Senate are supporting this deadly issue, seeking to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide in New York State. 
Most urgently, Senator John Bonacic (R,C,IP) introduced S. 5814, a bill that has an assembly match.  Because he is a Republican, and our margin of victory on abortion was one slim vote, it puts us in an immediately dangerous situation. 
YOUR ACTION IS URGENTLY NEEDED! Call your State Senator TODAY and ask him or her to call Senator Flanagan (the Senate Majority Leader) TODAY and urge him to stand firm against this deadly bill that targets people at their most vulnerable time.  Also, ask for a firm commitment that YOUR Senator will stand firm against this bill that defines compassion as killing people who need our help.  
Call your Senator TODAY! You can find your Senator through the Senate switchboard at 518.455.2800.
New York State Right to Life opposes all efforts to remove protections for vulnerable patients facing a terminal diagnosis. Individuals facing end-of-life decisions must have support and care, and we continue to work for their protection against the legalization of doctor-prescribed suicide.

  • Suicide is not healthcare. Advocates of doctor-prescribed suicide use offensive terms such as “dignity” to define the act of a doctor assisting a patient in taking his/her own life. A doctor’s number one priority must be to preserve and protect the life of his/her patient and recognize when his patient needs emotional support.  Society suffers when doctors choose who should and should not be saved.
  • Vulnerable patients are endangered. An individual seeking suicide is in need of care and support. In all other instances, an attempt at suicide is recognized as the cry for help that it is. Patients facing daunting diagnoses should be treated no differently than any other patients in need of help. They should immediately be given appropriate care, not drugs to end their lives. We do not eliminate problems by eliminating those to whom problems happen. 
  • What begins as an option, quickly becomes an obligation. Patients who are at their most vulnerable, suffering from mental illness and depressing, those with disabilities, and seniors at-risk for elder abuse may feel pressured by society, medical workers, their family, and their own fear to take their own lives. This kind of emotional duress is dangerous when doctors no longer provide necessary supports and reassurances.
  • Remember, killing is NOT compassion.

New York State Right to Life is sponsoring radio ads in Senator Bonacic’s district and in the Albany area to inform the public of the great danger of doctor-prescribed suicide. The New York State Right to Life Committee has hired an additional lobbyist for the last days of session, and we are sending out targeted alerts through phone, email and social media.
With your support, we can continue to fight for Life. Your contribution to our Education Trust (NYSRTLET) will help educate people about the dangers of assisted suicide like these radio ads are doing at a critical time as well as aiding our important initiatives such as Camp Esther, our youth training weekend, and the Right to Life Convention in October.  Your donation to the Committee (NYSRTLC) can be used to lobby our legislators.  However and wherever you decide to help – please know the need is urgent.  God has blessed the efforts of NYSRTL with stunning victories this year.  But our resources are completely depleted and we rely on what He will do through your giving.  Please help NOW!
Please donate here or call our office to let us know your check is coming so we can move ahead.  Call 518.434.1293.
NYSRTL Opposition Memo to S. 51814/A5261-B, the "Patient Self-Determination Act"

NYSRTL Opposition Memo to S.3685 the "End of Life Options Act" 

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