Your Christmas Gift : ONE FREE PATTERN of your choice from Tin Can Knits! Share the love by forwarding this email to your friends.
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Sharing the (knit) LOVE : Your Christmas Gift from Tin Can Knits

To our fabulous friends and fans across the world,
We are immensely grateful for the support you have given us this year by sending us emails, connecting on Facebook, and most importantly by ordering our patterns and knitting exquisite projects!
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At Tin Can Knits we share our love for knitting by bringing you designs we adore and in-depth tutorials to expand your skills.  2012 has been extremely busy and fruitful for us - we published 2 new books : PACIFIC KNITS and GREAT WHITE NORTH (a whopping 26 designs, all available individually too) plus some fabulous tutorials : Gramps top-down sweater series, POP blanket tutorial, and Sweater Sizing Tips.

We do our best to give you want you want, and with that in mind, our gift to you this Christmas is one free pattern of your choice

Browse our patterns on our website or on, click to order your chosen pattern, then enter this coupon code: SHARETHELOVE at checkout, and voila - you are the happy recipient of one free Tin Can Knits pattern!

But before you begin the (pleasurable) process of choosing your gift, please take a second to do one thing for me - SHARE THE LOVE by forwarding this email to your friends, knitting group buddies, and favourite yarn shop owner -  so they too can choose a gift and check out our fun-to-knit seamless designs in sizes from baby to grandpa![UNIQID]

THE SMALL PRINT : this coupon is valid only until January 1st 2013 - so get your pattern and cast on now!

We hope you enjoy this little Christmas gift - we would love to hear back about what you chose and how your projects turn out. 

Wishing you oodles of Joy, Luck, and (knit) Satisfaction in the upcoming year!

With Love from Emily Wessel and Alexa Ludeman
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