Run The Farm • October 20th, 2019

Hi <<First Name>>,

Run The Farm is set to go on Sunday, October 20th starting at 8:30am at Muscoot Farm in Katonah/Somers, NY.

Kids registration will close when we reach our kids medal count so no one is left without one. Please sign up soon if you plan to run.

If you have already registered, thanks! See you at the Farm! 
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If you are not sure if you have registered -- or you want to check on a friend or family member -- you can confirm registration status here:

See you on the trails!

..... Tony, Judy, Rob and the Run The Farm volunteers

Trail Mix and Sunday Runners Updates below:


October 20, 2019 • First Race 8:30am (kids) • 5 mile race starts 9:30am 


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