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Dear Mister President: Solving Your N-Word Situation

Dan Embree: “Ninny?”  “Not insulting enough.”    “Nincompoop?”  “Too hard to say.”    “Nerd?”  “His base loves that one, but he’s already used it in public for Bernie, Little Marco, the entire press corps, and the 400-pound guy in New Jersey who hacked the DNC.”
silent protest

Silence Isn’t Deafening

Johnny Townsend: You can’t fight hate speech with no speech. People remaining silent never convinced a politician to vote for regulations limiting pollution.
prison abolition

Prison Abolition:
Imagine and Do the Work

Kim Wilson: What models exist that offer us a path forward as we imagine and work toward abolition while we attend to the needs of people that have experienced harm, including the people that have harmed? Learn more at the Left Coast Forum.
equal dignity

Equal Dignity

Carl Matthes: Adapted from Black Klansman Stallworth’s memoir, the film was conceived by Jordan Peele, the comedian turned director of last year’s Academy Award nominated film “Get Out.” Peele sought out famed director Spike Lee to direct and re-write the film.
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