Where I'm From

from dirt so rock-filled
it’s fit for nothing but goats
and, it turns out, grapes
from sunsets that don’t stop
from deserted two-lane highways
that go straight on till morning
from Friday Night Lights
Willie and Waylon and George
darn near every vehicle a truck
from ladies hell-bent for leather
men who cry for the national anthem
kids who can’t wait to leave
then come back, settle down
from cedar that sucks the water from the soil
from mesquite that hardly needs any
from live oaks that seem to live forever
where March’s color riot runs through May
where the cold tap turns warm till Halloween
from people who never ever ever
ever say anything against rain
who pull out lawn chairs to watch storms
from skies still full of stars, the Milky Way
still big and bright

— Megan Willome, in response to the Poet Laura prompt; author of The Joy of Poetry

All poems, art, and photos are public domain, creative commons, or used by permission of author or publisher. Photo by Mobilus in Mobilii, via Flickr.


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