The Chocolate Artist

Valrhona chocolates from France
stacked and patiently waiting
Guanaja 70% Dark, 35% Ivoire White

wearing a black apron
making cakes
cordials, making those

My sons checked out books on the Titanic
I checked out

showing off photos of her babies
three delicate white chocolate stars

imagining customers
Will it be a man?
A woman?
A grandfather and granddaughter hand-in-hand?
you and you and you
85% Abinao dark chocolate

The next person
A young woman
A man in military fatigues
Out of town visitors just passing through
A man there for his son
A father throwing a chocolate party for his son
Cakes for the granddaughter, on the grandmother’s birthday

Next week, thinking of you
I pour

— Megan Willome, an erasure poem based on Monica Sharman's essay The Chocolate Artist

All poems, art, and photos are public domain, creative commons, or used by permission of author or publisher. Photo from Cacao Chemistry.


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