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The contents of a hanging file folder
spill out like an overturned glass of wine
A pack of Sow and Grow seeds, 300 mg
that sound like a maraca
when you shake it
A receipt for a Paul Klee poster, Blossoms
in the Night, $27.07 including tax
procured from the San Francisco Museum
of Modern Art, 2007
A sticker from a Napa Valley winery with an acronym
that makes one smile: VGSH
Very Good Shit Happens
and a folded list
in my late father’s spidery writing:
shoes, walking stick, jacketwarm

— Shikha Malaviya, from Geography of Tongues

All poems, art, and photos are public domain, creative commons, or used by permission of author or publisher,The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective Copyright 2013. Photo by Michelle Tribe, via Flickr.
Artist Debbie Young

Art by Harold Sikkema

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