Mare Draws Her Lover Fishing at Dusk 

As dark begins to dissolve the body—
the crown of his head, the belly’s swell, the ankle—
I watch him sleep, recall how he settled back
on his heels just hours ago, sent a line keening
swift and precise over the lake. Everyone knows 
a cast is not a question of strength so much
as a relinquishing, that the line’s release 
is an extension from the wrist to the lunge 
and snap of a Cutthroat Trout. I sketch in the ribbed 
trunk of a cottonwood, label it Populus trichocarpa.
Something of what the eye took in is translated 
to joint and grip of finger, until ink gives back 
the crumbled snag of bark, the silver-sided leaf 
dipping like a fish through the evening air.
The wing of his hand is the last thing to go.

— Anne M. Doe Overstreet, author of Delicate Machinery Suspended

All poems, art, and photos are public domain or used by permission of author or publisher.
Suzanne Sperl

Art by Suzanne Sperl

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Delicate Machinery Suspended

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