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2011 was an amazing year and it looks like it will continue to be amazing until the end. Holly and Noel  (above) are our latest  rescue story. They were pulled from an AL kill shelter  Wednesday afternoon by Stacey, a volunteer with Ridgeback Rescue. Without her, we wouldn't  have known these dogs were there. They weren't  listed on Petfinder; they probably would have been euthanized for lack of space before they reached the adoption floor.  Both were found as strays and Holly's collar had been embedded into her neck so she has some sores.  Her ear has a scab that looks like a cigarette burn. Volunteers who walk the halls of kill shelters and report back to other rescues save hundreds of lives.  Merry Christmas, Holly and Noel, a caring person saved your lives today. To recap more of the amazing rescue stories of 2011, please visit our stories web page. 

Dear Santa,

Fifty-six percent of dog owners say they'll buy their pets a gift at Christmas.  Don't leave your Pyr out in the cold.  What are Pyr Pyrents giving? We took our own poll on Facebook and this is what we heard. Jamie: Our senior gal is getting a nice, comfortable bed fit for the regal lady she is!  Anthony: Santa is bringing our Nanuk a new leather necklace with a shiny personalized medallion, a new toy raccoon (he loves stuffed animals) and gourmet treats! Rachel: Odor-free bully sticks! Deanna: Santa is bringing my guy, Sir Prince, a dinner set, one on adjustable legs. Gabby my retriever mix is receiving a pink jeweled collar and both will be receiving a smoked ham bone. Dan: Sheep Tuffy toy, Stefanie: Stuffed soup bones, a new chipmunk, a new squirrel (fake of course), baked cookies from the Barkary, a spa day, and jingle bell collars. They have all been really good this year! Janet: Unbreakable ornaments!!! Seriously, a new soft toothbrush, her Canidae biscuits & a new tartar joint (her fav's). She's been a very cheery Pyr. Erika: Greta Rose will get a new big pillow for her crate and a bag of carrots, some pig ears and a big bone, 3 big stuffies and a squeaky toy, Gandolph will get pig ears, a bag of sweet potatoes, a new blankie for his crate, toys, and crunchy treats. Erika: It's more fun playing with them and dog toys than kids' toys. Michelle: Sonny is getting a foster sister. Oh, and a bag of bones from Santa. Claudia: I got my Pyr a bath, which was really a gift for me! Rachel: My sweet pup has already had two presents, unfortunately, it appears he can't read 'cause neither of them had his namea video game and a bit of chocolate (which thankfully was discovered before he had more than a little taste). Marie: a new giggle ball! Becky: Peanut butter!! and Chicken meatballs!  Amanda: Three gigantic squeak toys, a bag of his favorite treats and his favorite soft food!!  Janet: Peanut butter-stuffed dog bones and homemade doggie cookies.  Mike: Peanut butter Kong, plus there may be leavin's off the Prime Rib! She deserves it 13+ years old/rescued at 7 months.  Kris: I am getting a Pyr for myself for Christmas. Abbie: A new bed and a new foster sister after Christmas. Maryann: Any of the extra large Kong toys because she destroys everything else....

Happy Birthday National Pyr

December 26 marks the fifth birthday of NGPR and the start of an independent, nationally coordinated Great Pyrenees rescue effort.  In December 2006 National Great Pyrenees Rescue launched its Petfinder home page.  The  first dogs from Tennessee were posted the following month,  January 2007.  Incorporation as a New York non-profit followed in March 2007, and in April 2008, National Great Pyrenees Rescue received tax-exempt status.   The rest is history and  the dogs rescued  through the National network number in the thousands.  The  first Happy Endings Calendar  made its debut in 2009 and there have been three years of  the calendar and Top Dog Contests providing funding for Pyr rescue. We want to thank the many volunteers who made this success possible.  At a time when many rescues are closing their doors, NGPR continues to grow and increase its services. We couldn't do it without you. 

Welcome to Orthopedic Alley

Several new residents were welcomed into our orthopedic alley in the fourth quarter.  Marcy (above), wearing a colorful holiday wrap on her elbow, needed repair of the olecranon ligament in the elbow joint of her left front leg after she was found limping along a Kentucky road.  Alvin (above) had a hip injury and the shelter was going to put  him down without a sponsoring rescue.  An NGPR Angel stepped forward to help the little guy who is now on the road to recovery.  Both Marcy and Alvin need need fosters or adopters.  Please let us know if you can provide a quiet place for a recovering neediest case.

Wrapping Up The Year

When we close the books on 2011, over 350 Great Pyrenees and Pyr mixes will have found homes coast-to-coast through National Pyr's adoption application process.  Hunrdeds more will have been pulled and adopted out by our rescue partners in the national networks that promote Pyrs in kill shelters. We're very active on Facebook and launched a new nationalpyr.org website in the Spring. We moved our application processing to a new data base management system and expanded our applications processing team to seven volunteers. The owner surrender program now has two volunteers intercepting dogs before they go to shelters and a second 800-number hotline, 877-372-3273, was established to take calls from shelters and owners. We sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to our team effort.  If you haven't yet, there's still time to make an online contribution or send your check to the address below. Thank you.

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