Calendars Are Coming

Our 2012 calendar cover dog is Big Luke, a Texas dog from the Great Pyrenees Rescue Society who was adopted in Washington State.  The Top Dog cover contest raised  more than ever this year, thanks to everyone who participated.  The first copies of the Happy Endings calendar are rolling off the press next week and will be shipped  to arrive in mid-November.  In addition to 14 months of fab Pyr photos,  the calendar features all our Top Dog  Contest winners and many candid shots of dogs rescued throughout the year. You may be surprsied  to find  that your pooch is one. We've also included  important animal-friendly holidays like  National Dress Up Your Pet Day (Jan. 14) and Squirrel Appreciation Day (Jan.21).  So you don't miss any of these important dates or the largest collection of Pyr photos in any calendar, order your calendar  now .

Saving Pets/Saving Money

Makes sense.  Rescuers want to save as many animals as they can so they have stretch to their budgets. It's tough, since taking good care of animals costs more today than ever. How do we do this?   Here are some tips learned from years of doing rescue that can help everyone economize and make the most of their budget. 
  • Shop around for competitive prices on veterinary services, prices can vary greatly from one vet to the next. 
  • Question unnecessary tests (i.e. bloodwork) on healthy young animals for standard procedures like spays and neuters.
  • Avoid purchasing medications at your vet's office. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, vet markups on medications start at 100 percent and can be as high as 160 percent. 
  • Get a prescription for medicines like antibiotics that are used by both humans and pets and fill prescriptions at your local discount pharmacy for as little as $4. 
  • Purchase prescription medications you renew regularly at online pharmacies like  Drs. Foster & Smith or 1-800 PetMeds. You will need your vet to fax in the prescription but the savings can be quite large over time. Consider purchasing generic versions, too.
  • Price out mail order delivery options for food/non-prescription medications.  This can be especially helpful for those living in rural areas. Using autoship (National Pet Pharmacy) or meeting a minimum price requirement  ( could  entitle you to free shipping to avoid driving long distances and paying the high price of gas.
  • Explore new options for flea and tick protection,  The patent has expired for fipronil, one of the active ingredients in Frontline Plus, so there are new products on the market that are more competitively priced.  Read labels carefully to compare and research online.

Love Letters to Rescue

Truman (above) would have been gassed in a  Georiga kill shelter ...  "Hi: Just wanted to thank you for all the information on Truman. Thanks for taking such good care of him too. We absolutely love him. He is the best dog. He is so good going outside to the bathroom....hasn't had an accident once. He is walking great on a leash, doesn't pull me at all and my son has been having so much fun playing with him. He throws a tennis ball to him and Truman brings it back. He also has been able to sit, laydown and give us his paw when we ask. He is very smart and we can't believe what a good dog he is. He adjusted so well and keeps wagging his tail so we are glad he is happy."   A big thank you to Beth Ann and our Georgia volunteers who saved Truman.  Please volunteer to foster and save a life.

Saving Sadie

Nurse and rescue volunteer Addie Todal in Allentown, PA took this photo at the completion of  the femoral head ostectomy operation for Sadie on October 19. Addie is Sadie's foster and  this is the third orthopedic special-needs Pyr she has has fostered  since July.  Sadie is a 7-month Pyr mix puppy who was sent from MO to the Northeast for rescue and rehabilitation. Luck was on her side when she wandered in off the road in Missouri and found her way into a rescuer's yard by chance.  She was starved, blind in one eye,  and her right rear leg was dragging behind her, totally useless. National Pyr's MO contact was notified and arrangedments were made to send Sadie to the Northeast.  More about our Neediest Cases and updates to the poignent stories of Gabriel, our worst case and Lena, the garrotted pup are here .

New Pyr Book

Everyone loves a good Pyr tale.  Author Sheryl Fisher-Acosta wrote a book about her first Great Pyrenees.  Smudge, the Wonder Dog,  "finds trouble at every turn and is forced to learn many of life's hardest lessons". Starting out as a pup, Smudge has many adventures.  We are told that  "a stubborn, rebellious nature guides her through much of the story. In the end Smudge learns that "love, loyalty, and obedience are the true ingredients for a happy life". Sounds like a typical Pyr story to us!   Sheryl has agreed to "pawdigraph" a limited number of copies with Smudge's paw print  and make them available to rescue.  Our first 25 copies of Smudge's "pawdigraphed" book sold out the first week.  The author is shipping 15 more  "pawdigraphed"  copies to us this week.  You can order your copy here, while they last.

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