Towne Station - Covenant Edition - Street Parking - Vol 5 Issue 15 - June 2015
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Towne Station HOA Covenant Edition - Newsletter

Volume 5 Issue 15 - June 2015

In an effort to clarify Covenants, we may occasionally spotlight a particular Covenant Issue in our regular Newsletter, and label it "Covenant Edition".

Covenant Discussion - Street Parking

Here's what the City of Brandon says about Parking in the Street, in the Ordinances section of their website:

Section 78-88 - Restrictions in residentially zoned areas:
It shall be unlawful to park a motor vehicle on the paved portion of any public road, street or thoroughfare in any residentially zoned area within the city overnight or at any other time where such parking is determined by the chief of police to be a hazard or an obstruction of traffic.

Screenshot from City of Brandon Website:



Here's what our Neighborhood Covenants say about Parking in the Street:

Covenant filed for Phase I on 08/18/2006 (Phases II & III have identical verbiage):
... There must be adequate parking available for family and guests as extended street-side parking is prohibited.

Screenshot from Neighborhood Covenants:


As such, Street Parking in our Neighborhood is NOT Allowed. 

We understand and respect the need to park in the street FROM TIME TO TIME due to unusual or TEMPORARY circumstances... work being done on the property that requires Street Parking, abnormal instance of an increased number of guests (such as a party, gathering, holiday, family need, etc), or other TEMPORARY requirement. However, regular or continuous parking on the street is not allowed. 

Please understand, we cannot enforce the Street Parking Covenant in one area of the neighborhood, and then NOT enforce it in another area. As such, if regular or continuous Street Parking is seen or reported to the HOA, a warning notice will go out. If the warning notice is not heeded, the HOA will have no choice but to fine the responsible Homeowner for the Covenant Violation.

A recent survey was conducted with over 20 HOA's in the Brandon area. In that survey, many questions were asked, including "what's the biggest challenge in your neighborhood?" The #1 response so far is "Street Parking". So it appears that everyone notices it, thinks it's a bit of an eyesore, may pose traffic & safety issues, etc. 

Overall, our neighborhood does not have a widespread problem with Street Parking. But we DO have a couple spot areas where it appears to occur on a regular basis. If you're presented with a Street Parking warning notice, please understand the HOA is doing what is required of them... to enforce the Covenants, keep our neighborhood looking great, and help retain the values of our homes. 


On a related note, parking a vehicle in the grass area of your property is NOT allowed.

Here's what the City of Brandon says about Parking on Unpaved Surfaces, in the Ordinances section of their website:

1901.01. -  Parking on Unpaved Surfaces
No vehicle owner, property owner, resident or tenant shall allow a vehicle to be parked or stored outside a building on any surface other than a paved driveway or a paved parking area in any platted subdivision or in any commerically zoned area. This section shall not apply to agricultural equipment parked on property used primarily for agricultural purposes.


So PLEASE do NOT park in your grass. Instances of such will be reported to the City of Brandon Police, for proper ticketing.

Got an Idea of a Covenant we use discuss in a future "Covenant Edition" of our Newsletter?

Send us an email with what you'd like covered. 

In our next two Covenant Edition Newsletters, we'll discuss

Lawncare, edging, & grass cuttings

Rental Properties in the Neighborhood


Need further clarification of this Covenant Edition Newsletter related to Street Parking? 

Feel free to attend any of our regular Board Meetings, as we'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for helping to keep our neighborhood beautiful!!
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