Hello again! Looks like it's time to fly!
Shalom <<First Name>>

On the road to….
It’s weird how so many times just when we get to used to a situation, a comfort zone, a bubble….God tells you to get up and go.  I always wondered why. Someone once told me that you glorify God the most when you need Him the most. How many times do we see the words ..”on the road to”… in the Bible. Abraham, Jacob, Isac, Paul, the names continue. They all had the biggest breakthroughs and most amazing experiences with God out of their comfort zones “On The Road To” – somewhere.
When God tells us to get out of our comfort zone. We should listen. Something great might be waiting to happen.



With that being said, packed and ready to go. On my way back to the place where my heart lies, where I've been blessed enough to be called to. Jerusalem. God’s nation. God’s people. Still yet to see the light. I am joining the 5 year visa plan. So Little Jerusalem's influence will be a lot more permanent in Jerusalem. Especially with the local Israelis.
 I will continue my Hebrew teaching series on Israel awareness, which we’re hoping to spread to the ends of the earth by the end of the year. I have finished my first Teaching, which we have put in movie form on a DVD. The movie is called Talitha Kumi. Which is the words Yeshua told the little girl in Mark 5:39-42. As you can see in the picture up top.

Hebrew Revelation For The Day!
Today’s Revelation is amazing. Mind Blowing. The three characters up top is Ancient Hebrew. Also known as Paleo Hebrew, Almost 4000 years old. You read from right to left. It sais Emmet. Which is the Hebrew word for truth. The first character (on the right) is a Alef, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It was the character given to the Ox (Looks like a ox head), the first sacrifice. The 2nd character (middle) is the Mem, the middle letter of the Alphabet, It was the character given to Water. (looks like water). The 3rd Character (on the left) is a Tuv, the last letter of the alphabet. It was the character given to a Mark, or Cross (looks like a cross). The last sacrifice.
Isn’t that insane. Even in ancient Hebrew God had already put the prophecy of Jesus. From the Ox, (Red Heiffer) the first purifying sacrifice, came the living water and became the True Last sacrifice for us his bride. Together we get the word EMMET. Which means TRUTH!! You can’t get more truthful evidence of yeshua’s love than that.
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