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Oil Of Joy!
Laughter Lightens The Soul.
In times of distress, what else is there to do than just give out a big joyful laugh.
"This day is Holy to Our Lord. Do not grieve, for the Joy of The Lord is Your Strength. Nehemiah 8:10
I honestly think that when the enemy is throwing his worst at you, the best you can throw back is the Joy Of The Lord.
In doing this you win the battle, cause in the end we have all allready won the war!

"With the fearful strain that is on me night and day, if I did not laugh I should I die."
- Abraham Lincoln

Feast Of Tabernacles with a drop of Faith.

The past few weeks have been crazy with thousands of Christians streaming in to the land of Israel from all around the world. Conference after conference with the most amazing teachings ever to be heard. And to top it all off, just when I was running low on my sheckels (money) an Israeli Messianic (Jewish Believer) friend felt that God told him to bless me, so he brought over about 5 crates of food and supplies for me, here in Jerusalem. Also Little Jerusalem have started making Jewlery and necklaces from the Holy Land for extra financial support, to make the awareness through Multi Media easier. Please support the cause.  Prasie God. He is God The provider. 
I now pray together that all the teachings that took place in Jerusalem over this busy time, will go forth into the nations and tell the world about our Awesome God!

Hebrew Revelation For The Day!

(Shemen) (שמן
One of my favourite revelations. Did you know what the Hebrew roots for the word Oil is.
The 3 Hebrew letters ש..מ...ן; [Sh..m..n]: The same letters is also used for fat. As follows:

Oil (Like Oil Of Joy)                                                     שֶׁמֶן שֵם ז
Fat, or Fatness                                                           שֹׁמֶן שֵם ז

In Luke 15 we see where the father orders his servants to bring the fattened calf and kill if for the feast of the return of his Prodigal Son. In Malachi God orders his nation to give him the best of their animals as sacrifces. The healthy fat cattle. Becoming fat with the word of God and filled with the living water, overflowing to those around you, your sacrificing oil becomes as a fragrance pleasing to God. When God is pleased, he gives you strength. The strength you recieve is His Joy. Keep on following the circles of righteousness (Psalm 23). Your building up fat. Which makes your oil so much more of a pleasing living sacrifice.

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