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Publicly Silent, Part II: Hush

Tiger spoke (and swung!) recently for us all to hear and watch. Like most of you perusing this offering, 'twas refreshing to learn that even at his elevated level & with that list of accomplishments - he truly missed the game (yep, he's a golf junkie like us :)) - and couldn't wait to get a club in his hands again post injury and rehab. 

Funny (or not...): often the less one chimes in, the more others pay attention.  Especially if said chimer has legit street cred.

Here yet again, we run into the veritable quandary of SM and its partners in reality, ridiculousness, retardation of the mind crime. 

So many posters/plasterers/panderers seeking attention, so little credibility. Couldn't they all just hush, hush??

Like in all (which club to hit, where your focus must be during a golf swing, what situational mindset to adopt on course), you do have the choice of tuning the distractors out.

Allow me to offer something to tune in to this fine mid-December day, circa 2021: Hush. 

History du jour mes amis: the song was originally written by American composer and musician Joe South for recording artist Billy Joe Royal.  The version many of us are familiar with can be experienced by clicking on the album cover up top. 

Our boys from Deep Purple + yours truly have some insight for your golf game as the calendar year rocks to an end.  Onwards!!

"I got a certain little girl she's on my mind
No doubt about it she looks so fine"

Girl. Guy. He. She. They. Whatever - someone or something is on your mind when you play or swing - and quite possibly because it looks or sounds so 'fine' wherever you've been consuming 'it.'  You're mesmerized fo shu; frequently by pixie dust sprinkled all over you by charlatans. 

Are you looking for the sexy and suave when it comes to playing better golf, and teaching your golf ball to behave better? Or, are you into substance? You know, science, fact and experienced-based guidance fit to you, and your needs. 

I can help, and so can this foursome when it comes to hitting and playing better, and making more putts.  I'd be happy to refer if need be:

- JIm McLean: #1 Golf School In The World | Best Florida Golf Schools (

- Jon Tattersall: Golf Performance Coaching | Tattersall Player Support | United States (

- Jon Novosel: 

- David Orr: Flatstick Academy | Improve your Putting Performance Now!

"To blow my mind and I'm in so deep
That I can't eat and I can't sleep"

Addictive, is it not, the little blue screen?  And the messages, conscious or other, that its senders wing your way. Indeed, we can get in so deep, no time for eating, sleeping OR spending time interacting with real fellow humans, walking the earth, or simply 'being.' 

Are you sincerely interested in changing a golf swing pattern (or other)? Consider these simple 'mind blowing' steps to do so:

- Daily doing - but spread out. In learning lingo, it's known as the Spacing Effect.  The poop: spread out the time between sessions as opposed to massed repetition or cramming. Oh, you don't have time? YES YOU DO - if you want it bad enough...

"They got it early in the morning
(Love, love)
They got it late in the evening
(Love, love)
Well, I want that, need it
(Love, love)
Oh, I gotta gotta have it"

Or so 'they' make it seem.  And if only it was about love...

Instead, so much being flung our way ('tis the season of augmented flinging at that!), yet largely out of greed and ego. 

The master marketers tell you more is better.  Morning. Evening. Hell - middle of the afternoon works great as well!  Frequency, baby, til you want it, need it and gotta have it.

CS Counterpoints:

- You don't 'need' anything, and the golf course doesn't owe you anything. When you 'need' something you give up all your control to do whatever it is you need.  'It' starts running you (thank you yet again Dr. Crews!).

- Whatever you don't want you already have. 

Alas, much like quantity vs. quality in golf practice - something I've preached on my learning/lesson tee for decades now (and you thought Santa Claus was old...).

Consider the following points I continue to share in talks and presentations:

- Quality of practice, over quantity, is the key to successful practice that transfers to the golf course, and effective learning. It isn't solely about how much one practices - but rather about how one practices.  Practice DOES NOT equal learning.

- Efficient practice is first and foremost an effort of focus, intention and concentration - radically different from the negligent ball-whacking sessions observed at the average driving range, or even the "social hour" that breaks out from what is designed to be an effective training session. 

Have you had enough of the random, impersonal chatter?  Hush, hush.  Swing tips and 'secrets?' Hush, hush. Wandering starry nights in search of what's best for you?  I understand, and am here to help.  If I can't assist, I'd be happy to refer you to a trusted colleague who can. 

I'm based at Eugene Country Club, hang my sombrero part-time at Puerto Los Cabos in the wintry months, and offer remote coaching plans wherever you may be.  Click below on either spectacular venue for specifics. 



 "The quieter you become the more you can hear"

     -- Ram Dass

          ~ CS ~
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